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Is there a place that you frequent often to get (written) information about the world around you ?  Are you confident that the writing is honest, ethical, fact-checked and not to mention well-written?  So much has happened over the last 5-10 years in the world of journalism and reporting, what with magazines and papers trimming staff or shutting down much less the onslaught of millions of wanna-be-reporters blogging their opinions, that I’m not as confident about the written word as I used to be.

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And, in my humble opinion, I come from a background of having worked at one of the most well-written and fact-checked national magazines, TexasMonthly (TM).  Some of the U.S.’ best journalists either cut their teeth at the magazine or were regular contributors such as Lawrence Wright, Stephen Harrigan,  Joe Nick Patoski, Mimi Schwartz and Skip Hollandsworth to name a few.  For every piece written in TM, its readers could be confident that extensive and exhaustive research was done.  Facts were checked and re-checked.  And each of these writers have a gift of pulling the reader deep into their story, making us grab on to the edges of the pages and hang on for the ride all the way to the satisfying end.  Many of the writers who I knew from my time at TexasMonthly continue to write and also enjoy multi-faceted brilliant careers in screenwriting, broadcasting, speaking and teaching.

My hope is that there is a crop of writers out there who have the talent, wisdom, tenacity and perseverance to investigate and report back to us in an engaging and well-written manner like these great writers who have gone before them.  The world needs writers who can sift through the myriad of noise out there and focus in on what is happening so that they can help us to understand our world better.

Thought for the Day:  Where do you go to get information about what is happening in the world? Do you believe and trust it? Why?

Helpful Hints for Being Human: Recognizing the greatness around us through the written word can help us find the greatness within ourselves.

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NEXT071 How Kurt Cobain Helped Me Get Intentional

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It took listening to coverage on NPR about Kurt Cobain (inspired the Grunge movement, died as a rising star back in 1994) for me to finally consider getting really intentional about my work (coaching, writing, web radio interviewing).  I mean, don’t get me wrong, when I was working in an 9-6 job going 90 to nothing recruiting people from all over the world and attracting new clients I had “to do lists” all over the place. And I did quite well. And made good dinero too!  I realize now, that I was using my “to do lists” also as my intentions list.

So back to Kurt. In the story, they talked about how successful Kurt was and, of course, how he wrestled with his fame as well. One of the practices that Kurt did everyday was to write down what he intended to do with his songs and music. And he was very specific about it.  I don’t know, maybe it’s the rebellious spirit in me (smells like teen spirit) but for some reason just knowing that Kurt wrote down his intentions/goals and was specific about them (and very successful, did I say that? very successful) was enough for me to begin writing down my intentions/goals again and getting really specific. I figure if Kurt could do it, I sure can too.

Although I’m very connected on social networking sites and I use my Android all the time, for me, there is nothing better than writing down my days intentions on a yellow legal pad. And the ink has to be blue.  I put dashes out to the side of each intention and check them off as I get them done. I also label the top of each page “TO DO” and date it.  What I don’t get done, I transfer to the next day and re-prioritize.  As I’m doing my day if an idea pops into my head for something that I want to get done, I write it down on my list.  If there are phone numbers/emails/addresses to go with it, I put that down too. Yes, I know it would be much more efficient to use a program in my phone but for some reason I really prefer writing it out.

Maybe writing out my goals enacts a chemical release in my brain much like crying tears releases chemicals too. Who knows? I just know writing down what I want to do and accomplish helps me to get things done.

How about you?  What intentions can you be specific about and write down/type up?


NEXT001 Write to Motivate Honest Sharing

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Why do you write/blog?  Why do any of us write?  For many of us, writing is just something that we “have” to do. We have to get “it” out of us whatever “it” is.  I’ve written for all kinds of reasons in various phases of my life from trying to relieve the pain caused by the angst of love with a good bottle of wine (and sometimes not so good bottle of wine) and reams of poetry.  I’ve written for business putting my special spin on professional proposals to win multi-million dollar bids with lines like “xyz company builds a bridge of communication from what is possible to what is real.”

Today I write to motivate honest sharing/dialogue with readers.  My “NEXT” batch of writing will keep this mission in mind to honor my soul.  After a year of blogging every single day, I began to drift away from my routine gradually with a day missed here and a couple of days missed there until finally weeks have gone by without my putting any thoughts down.  What happened was that I let very well meaning people convince me that focus of my writing, the kind of writing I “should” be doing as a Coach with an official website, needed to have a more professional air about it.  I needed to tell people how to do things. I needed to be parting information.  And I’m sure that this advice is very true but it killed my passion for getting to the computer to write no matter what else was going on.  I just couldn’t rouse my energy to write down another top ten list of anything.  I had forgotten that the reason that I write is to motivate others to heartfelt conversations with each other.

So what will this next batch of blogs “look” like?  I have no idea until they come out of me but I can assure you that my intent is to motivate you to think about things at a deeper level so that you will talk with others about your ideas and become curious about their ideas as well.

If you had the freedom make the choice to do whatever it is you love to do right now, what would that be and how will you go about doing it?