CLUE001 After All What Are We All Doing But Following Clues!?

Posted on : 26-08-2012 | By : Lynn | In : Learning


We’re all following clues and leaving clues on how to live life.  When I returned to school in 2008, some of the monkey-mind chatter going on in my head was asking and ribbing me about what education was anyway.   Wasn’t it just a bunch of people who paused long enough in their pursuit of life to write down what they had discovered?  Yes! That was part of it and actually the idea that learning from others could help me not recreate the wheel over and over again is what keeps me going in the pursuit of learning and following clues.

I love learning something that is elegantly communicated whether it be a new word, phrase, mathematical equation, or spiritual concept.  Anything, really, that coaxes me to crawl out of the den of my mind and ponder the world around me is a very good happening.

How about you?  What have you learned lately or what clue have you uncovered to cause you to wonder?