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Welcome to “Ask Coach Lynn” a column focused on YOU, your life, your desires, your career.  Asking a Coach for advice is different from asking “Dear Abby or Ann or Carolyn”.  Coaches are not therapists or counselors.  Instead, we’re the professional you seek for bouncing ideas off about your latest project or goal.  A Coach works with the native wisdom within you and partners with you to help you create the life you want.  Cut-to-the-chase-coaching® means that you are ready to jump in, face the music and get on with your life!

Please, take a moment to ask me your questions.
Enjoy these recent questions:

Coach Lynn, How would you recommend someone shift from a belief in not being valued to one of embodiment of our true divine worth? I’ve given my ALL to others from a very young age. Now, I find myself feeling ‘taken advantage of’ and I know it’s a manifestation of this belief system. Thank you!!! Retired door mat..

Dear Retired Door Mat:

Hmmm.   So in your belief system of not being valued, what did you hope to accomplish from giving your ALL to others?  I’m trying to understand how not being valued, but giving your ALL coincide together because it seems like there may actually be some part of you (perhaps the part who feels taken advantage of) who does in fact believe that you do have something of value. As we grow and mature we learn to listen to that voice within us so that we can understand what it is we want to change. For example, your voice seems to be telling you that it/you feels like it/you is being taken advantage of (because you’ve been giving everyone your all).  If you’ve done the kind of emotional/intellectual/spiritual work to open up your awareness which I suspect you have done, you now have the opportunity to sit with that voice (in meditation) and ask it for more and more clarity until it/you feels spent and heard.  Then you can acknowledge that part of you and let it/you know that you are now a mature adult who can look at yourself and situations with a clearer and broader perspective. You can also tell yourself that your intention is to learn how to give to others only after you have taken well care of yourself.

Learn to love that still small voice within you because that is the microphone for your inner wisdom.  Coach Lynn


I have always worked as a servant to others, whether it was teaching little kids, or representing a large company.  Now I am in a position to serve again and I am trying to carve out a new direction in my career.  There are some obstacles that I need to overcome and I realize the biggest one is fear of the unknown because I am charting new waters and creating a position that has never existed before.  What steps can I take personally to overcome my fear and move forward professionally?signed Waiting in the Wings

Dear Waiting

What a great place to be. Seriously  You are in the midst of an adventure!  Fear of the unknown is such a popular brand of fear.  Why? Because we don’t feel like we have any control over the future.  But you know what,  even when we do know what we think is going to happen or where things are headed–we don’t have any control over that either!  Look inside yourself and uncover/discover the wealth of talent, experience and skills that have gotten you to where you are now.  I believe there is no such thing as coincidences in this life.  Given your path thus far, you are exactly where you should be.  What are your talents?  What are your skills?  What has your experience been?  Do you have in inquisitive mind?  Use that curiosity to uncover the best parts of yourself and what your company most needs (of you) at this time. Focus on who you are and what you bring to the situation.  Whenever you feel that fear boiling up—decide to be curious instead. What do they need now and how can you help them.  Can’t wait to see those wings flapping — lk

Why is it that when birds sing so prettily in the morning I feel an unbearable lightness of being and happiness and by the time I get home from work I want to smack a gorilla?  Appreciate a response!

Dear Flying Gorilla:

Thank you for my chuckle for the day!   I bet most of us have felt like you at some point in our lives.  The answer to your question is right inside of it.  You are the best person to know and understand what it is that causes you to switch from feeling like an awake sleeping beauty to King Kong by the end of the day.  Where is the perception of the world that you wake up with taking a detour during the day?  Is it a person(s)? Is it a place?  Is it the way you are looking at things?  My intuition bell is ringing ever so slightly that perhaps it would help you to find a quiet place where you can sit (meditate) and/or write so that you can listen to yourself.  What is that ever so soft voice inside of you saying? What do you need to hear from yourself that you’re not hearing?   Listen for the still small voice within, that will lead you to your answer.  Love from your fellow flying gorilla, lk