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Obviously, the first step is to be willing.  Willing to turn over whatever that thing, person, place or idea is that you may be in a tangle about.  Then there is that in-between space where we become willing to wait for the answer to our question about that thing.  Oh yeah, the waiting.  Hmmm.  I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather have my prayers/questions/wishes answered in my time, not God/the Divine/Spirit/the Force/Good Orderly Direction’s time…..

This morning, I had the opportunity to wax philosophical about making a decision to turn my will and life over to something bigger than myself with a group of friends.  Oh, I shared how much that concept has worked for me in the past and how, even now when finding a way to earn income is proving to take just a bit longer than I had wishes, I was still able to turn the results of this over and to trust the process.  Then I left this Saturday morning group of friends to join another good friend to take a Hula Hoop Class and on the way stopped to grab some coffee for the commute.  Ten minutes later I had my Venti delicious and got in my car to take off for the class and my car was dead.  Silent. Nothing clicking nor whirring.  By the way, we had just dropped another $300 to get a switch fixed this past week.   Considering this baby has over 174K on it in mileage, its hung in there pretty darn well for us.  But needless to say, the moment didn’t fly right over my head that life was giving me the opportunity to “WALK MY TALK!”.  In other words, when life is life and deals you crap, you don’t have to act out or imbibe to numb your negative reaction. It’s not personal, it just feels like it is.

I have to out myself by admitting to you that a few hot little words did fly out of my mouth when I called my husband to tell him the news and ask for his help.  For about three minutes there I felt pretty desolate and then my friend generously offered to come help me with her Triple A membership and to tell my husband to stay at home and not worry about me and the car, she would help me.  While I was waiting for her, something told me to go lift my hood up and just look at the innards of the car. So I did, touching this wire and that (no, I promise you that I know very little about the mechanics of a car). But, when I got back into the car and turned the switch for the hell of it, of course you know that car started.  Because we now had a couple of hours to burn, my friend and I decided to meet for coffee at one of our favorite haunts that we hadn’t been to in awhile.

After our coffee and chat I felt like the angels had deigned that my car shouldn’t start so that I could be there for my friend as a listening ear.  But the morning wasn’t finished delivering its messages.  We had walked over to one of our favorite art and gift stores in Austin just to look at their beautiful art and gifts.   We ended up having a lovely discussion with the owners about life etc..  On the way home I called another good friend to share with her the events of the morning and when I mentioned the nice store owners who I met through my friend, well….turns out…she had just “met” one of couple who told her that she was searching for someone who could help her with her store.  Sooooooooooo. Hmmmmm. Wonder if all that happened this morning so that I could meet her, so that she could know about me so that maybe, I can help her with her store?  I don’t know.  We’ll find out next week when our mutual friend returns to the store to make a decision about a purchase and relays the connection between me, her and our other friend and that maybe just maybe I’m that person she is looking for….

A + B = C

Whatever happens, I’m glad my brain works out seemingly poopy and depressing situations like my car not working this morning and the disappointment of our missed class to instead seeing that there may be unseen forces working to open the doors of opportunity for us when we’re willing to wait for the answer.

If nothing else, my reflection of the experience creates a much prettier piece of artwork then the trash I could have created!


“Insanity with Style”

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