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Posted on : 21-11-2012 | By : Lynn | In : Featured, Heart Talks


And so begins another 365 days of continuous, hopefully interesting, posts.  What is their focus? You. Me. Us.  The World.  All requests considered!

Right now, I’m listening to my husband talking with some coworkers who are from Guadalajara, Mexico  on the speaker phone. His com padre’s voice is making me think of a friend of mine, who is also from Mexico, who I haven’t spoken with in over a year (shout out to Omar!).  The group call working out the ins and outs of a website they’re all working on is so peaceful and kind.  Not a usual sound when people are discussing work situations; especially technical work situations. It’d be nice if most people worked together this well.

Tonight, many Americans (United Statesians) are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Geeze the preparation for the typical Anglo-Saxon Judea-Christian Holidays have been really brutal over the last five years or so.  It’s been hard for many of us not to look at the spin on celebrations with a jaundiced eye.  Thankfully, many of us are coming around to figuring out where everything falls within, around and in-between our inner value system.

I was reflecting on all of this while washing the dishes this morning and remembering how keyed-up and anxious I would get when going to visit family.  On the one hand, I was really looking forward to seeing everyone because most of us lived in completely different States, much less Cities, from each other and only saw each other once a year (if that).  But on  the other hand, I had so many goblins from my past who would not stay in their closets during the holidays with family. All wanted to come out and have their place at the table.  As you can imagine, with some of the other family members having their own crew of goblins too, the table became pretty crowded.

Today, I’ve settled in to my own kind of rhythm.  This time of year I look forward to because they’re usually are a lot more people focused on gratitude then any other time of year so it helps me stay focused on it too.   I listen to the comedy channel a lot.  This afternoon they played George Carlin’s bit about “stuff“.  It’s funny and George always did hit the nail on the head.  For those of us who may be getting our nerves all riled thinking about the non-important things (like stuff and more stuff that we can buy) this holiday season, it’s a good bit to tuck under your hat.

Happy Thanksgiving y’all and grateful that you’re out there!




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