DASH009 Embracing The Psychic Within You

Posted on : 15-06-2012 | By : Lynn | In : Heart Talks


Today, I interviewed world renowned Psychic Tee on Hope42Day.   Tee Gregory’s bright energy and gifts were evident the minute she began speaking. So full of life, vim, vam and vigor!  I was interested to learn that Tee has only officially been out of the “psychic closet” (her words, and I think they’re good ones) for about four years now.  And wow! has she made hay where the sun shines.  Her strongest ability is remote viewing which allows her to “see” in the past, present and future. She works with many families and law enforcement agencies to help them find missing people and also has her own investigative agency.  Now that is something I am really interested in learning more about for myself because I’ve often wondered if it was possible that what I think I can do is remote view and sense.

Those of us who are interested in this realm of all things psychic and good (there are some crazy people out there dabbling in this stuff who have absolutely nothing that I want…) have heard often that all of us have some form of psychic/intuitive ability–some are just more aware than others.  This Dash tonight is to encourage those of you who are interested and aware to embrace the psychic within you.  Investigate people and studies that “speak” to you and your interests so you too can discover your own abilities.

So often those of us who are very sensitive are discouraged from ever practicing, much less growing and embracing our abilities from others who are afraid of the unknown. In some instances, we have good reason to be cautious because there are people who are exploring their sensitivities without guidance, direction or integrity.  That’s not what I’m talking today, what I’m saying is for those of you who are grounded in reality, find those people and places who will support you and your sensitivities.  You are blessed.

May all good things come to you and through you.  Namaste


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