DASH003 Choose Which Thoughts You Listen To

Posted on : 09-06-2012 | By : Lynn | In : Communication, Heart Talks

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This morning I woke up in a great place, perhaps a bit sleepy but happy to be alive, that is, until my husband and I dusted out an old tangle that we keep rolling around in to about finances. Mainly, my part in their demise.  Within about fifteen minutes of our discussion, I could feel the two sides of my brain duking it out to see which one would prevail, the positive creative side or the logical punitive side.  Not that logic is punitive, but my brain tends to make a logical punitive sandwich to hit me over (and inside) my head with during times like this.

Very quickly, I knew that I needed to make contact with at least one good friend who I trusted would not immediately want to send me to lock up after I expressed my dark feelings.  It took me about an hour of being around people who also work on being conscious of the thoughts and actions they pay attention to for me to come in from the dark side of my thoughts. But, I finally did arrive at neutral and eventually a pretty content place by the day’s end.  To think of all the times that I used to allow the most negative thoughts to take over my brain and determine how I was going to respond, react and perceive life, well, today, I want to make the rest of my time on this planet count!

It’s all in the way we look at things and definitely in the outcome of which thoughts we allow to play through our minds.

Choose the good ones.  There’s plenty of room inside.

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