DASH001 – 125 Dashes of Inspiration, Perspiration and Musings

Posted on : 07-06-2012 | By : Lynn | In : Communication

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Last month, I interviewed two mighty fine Texas writers, Joe Nick Patoski and Stephen Harrigan on BTR’s Hope42Day.  One of the many inspirations I picked up from these two great interviews was that they both wrote. A lot.  I think it was Joe Nick who said that bloggers/writers who have a great following, send out two-three paragraphs a DAY!     I know I receive daily blogs from Seth Godin, but I couldn’t tell you if I receive more than one from him.  Another one that I get on a regular basis, ProBlogger Blog Tips by Darren Rowse…but I couldn’t tell you if I receive them on a daily basis or not. I can tell you that the regular blogs I am signed up for,  I look forward to reading.

That’s the point of this Dash series.  To write on a daily basis (for both you and me!) pieces of information, inspiration and musings that, hopefully, get you to thinking and inspire you to act on your own special talent—whatever that may be.  Oh, and I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to hear from you.   Please, I’m on bended knee here asking you to drop a line or two via comments with your opinion, inspiration or musings that can help all of us!

Write on.

The most inspirational video ever

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