365Ways-002 Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone-o-roonie!

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Geeze Louise, I so didn’t want to end up being “one of those kind of people” who get complacent and in the groove of their comfort zone and don’t want to get out of it.  And not a healthy kind of comfort zone either, kind of like a rolling around in the caca comfort zone because it feels cool on my skin but putting up with all the grody stuff that comes along with it because I’d rather do that then, well, stick my neck out there.

And I can make rolling around in this stuff look really good too because there is so much that I’m willing to do in my complacency that others aren’t willing to do.

But I know what I’m doing (or not doing as it were).

Upon further reading in the book “Bounce” by Matthew Syed, I’ve learned that becoming a glorious expert at something is not about doing something for ten thousand hours but rather being very focused and putting concentrated effort into something for 10,000 hours. In fact, it’s about stretching way out of your comfort zone, such as if you are practicing your golf swing to hit the balls out of the sand and be willing to have sand flying in your face to really perfect your swing.

I have realized that I’ve been really grooving along in my coaching business for the past few years not really putting my neck out there like some of my successful coaching friends do by speaking in front of lot’s of groups or offering retreats or just inviting people to a free coaching session so that they experience coaching with me to see if it is for them or not.  So, now I’m putting myself out there.  I’ve been contacting all kinds of people and places to speak and empower as well as offering a “Writing Down Your Soul Retreat” for women, this July 20-22, 2012.

Are you in your comfort zone?  Is it working for you? If not, why not?  If you were to stretch and be willing to get a little bit uncomfortable…what would you do?

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Good for you, stepping out of your comfort zone. That takes courage and confidence. I think I’ll join you; find my comfort zone and step outside it.

Thank you Ishah!! Having a friend step out of their comfort zone with you always makes the outside feel a whole lot more, well, comfortable!! See
you there! Love, Lynn

I sincerely enjoy your article…getting out of your comfort zone….It is the only way you’ll get to know yourself better. Have to stretch yourself so that you’ll know what else you are capable of. More power to your site!

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