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Posted on : 01-11-2011 | By : Lynn | In : Mind Fodder

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Have you ever prayed, imagined and/or wished that you would “know” what your life purpose was and further more that you knew at least one vehicle for actualizing it?  Well, turns out over 20 years ago I prayed and prayed and prayed to know what my life purpose was and how I could best use it.  And I’m pretty sure an answer came to me almost immediately. In fact, I think two answers came to me.

The first answer was to create a non-profit that would take care of animals in a very loving, respectful and humane way until they died if their owners passed away before them.  The owners would pay a certain amount of money each month towards saving a space should their animals need a place to go and for their animal’s care.  If the animals died before the owner and the owner got another pet, that pet could be put in the same place as their previous animal.  I got such detail for this place all the way down to it would be located on 125 acres in the Texas Hill Country and that the main building would be many stories high (in case someone had a giraffe, etc.) and would be built in the same fashion as Wolf Trap Farm in Virginia.  I understood that this was something that would encourage replication! There would also be a finite number of people who could donate for their animals. In other words, careful consideration would be given to make sure that the right kind of environment and space was available for each animal.Those people who were donating for their animals could be part of a monthly raffle to reserve a space in one of 7 cabins on the property where they could bring their animal (when safe for animal and humans) and enjoy respite in the country.  This would also be a learning facility for animal behaviorists like some of the great people I’ve met at the Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary.

The second idea I had was for a very special kind of school (that I remember being told what kind of education system this was after I shared my idea…but I’ve since forgotten!) that would be a place for students in grades 9-12 to board.  I got one fell swoop of information for this idea just like the animal sanctuary from the design of the living quarters for the students (no more than 12 to a building that is round shaped) to their adult care (two houseparents for every building plus a mentoring program where every student is matched up with an adult who works at the school from the groundskeeper all the way up to the president).  I also got the idea to create an education program where each child chose a kind of discipline to come in under. For instance, if they were interested in plants and trees their discipline would be botany and so their curriculum each year would be woven around botany where they would use algebra/math to learn how to build large green houses etc., they would use English to be able to read history of plants, trees etc. etc. and  learn how to market and use social media etc.

Anyway, I loved getting both of these ideas but after awhile I felt overwhelmed by what I didn’t know how to do such as how to get sponsors to raise money and awareness to name a few.  I remember thinking, “why me,                     I can’t possibly be the person who can make these two ideas happen?!”  And I folded them up in the tissue paper of my mind and put them away until this morning during a conversation with my Coach/Mentor/Friend Kat.  I had forgotten all about these two ideas but as I started talking it was like someone put a flash drive in me and it all came back. By the way, a good part of the beginning of our call was spent by me talking about not really having a specific direction with what I wanted to do…I’m talking a BIG GOAL. You know, a ‘my reason for being here goal’.

That Divine One is a crafty One isn’t he/she/it???!

Lately my lessons have been all about asking for help, “hey Lynn why don’t you ask for help”.  There are certainly people that I know about in my life today that I can ask for help in specific areas for each of these ideas.  One such person is Laura Langham, Executive Director and Wonder Woman of  Grand Companions of Ft. Davis, Texas.  If you don’t know anything about Laura or Grand Companions, take a moment to browse through the link….I believe you will be wonderfully surprised.

So I’ve been thinking about this on and off throughout the day and I realized that I had been reacting/responding to these ideas like a little kid. I could hear  in my mind me throwing a fit because “it’s hard” and “I don’t know where to start” or “other people are better at this kind of stuff then me”.  Which could all be true and it’s down to me accepting that perhaps my prayers were answered and then me making a decision to either carry them through fruition or not.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?  Have you had something like this happen for yourself where you asked for something to happen in your life and then you get inspired but let it fizzle out because it seems like an insurmountable task? Well, I sure would like to hear from you and get some dialogue going on this.  I suspect that we aren’t the only people in the world who have face this dilemma.  Maybe we could support each other through the process of realizing our dreams? What do you think?  The choice is yours.


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