NEXT093 The Angels Are Talking Again

Posted on : 26-10-2011 | By : Lynn | In : Humor



It’s just me and the dogs so I can’t blame anyone else knocking around our house (that I know of)  but I keep hearing music playing around my house coming from different rooms.  It almost sound like a radio alarm that was programmed for the pm instead of the am went off, but no I’ve checked those out and there aren’t any on.  Maybe it’s someone driving by in their car, but we live off a circle in the country. Still, it could be the sound waves floating from a bar two miles down the road but I’ve heard both a man and a woman’s voices from different parts of our house. At least they’re low.  Maybe my gold molars on my back teeth are signing in like satellite radio?

I’m going to choose to believe it’s the angels talking again.

I guess if you ask them for help enough, like I do everyday, you’ve got to expect the unexpected. But still.  I remember several years ago when David and I were living in our first home this kind of thing would happen but I didn’t tell many people because, you know, it’d be easy to assume I was a bit off.  And maybe I am, but when my friend Cynthia spent the night one weekend on our living room coach she was awakened by the sound of a teenage boy’s voice as he leaned over the sofa and said a girl’s name (can’t remember it now).  Maybe we’re both a bat short in our belfry?

I just opened our front door to listen to the quiet for awhile and sure enough, I could hear music coming from the bar two miles away.  Oh well, I like the fact that my creative mind would rather believe that it was possible to hear angel’s talking then musicians singing from a few miles away. But then again, those musicians could be divinely inspired !

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It’s nice to know that you have companions, maybe your just overwhelmed of the silence and very much focused on your sense of hearing that you could hear a lot even if they’re far. It’s pretty cool to believe that there are angels with us, but most of the time(or always)…they’re just listening.

I always hear people calling my name. I found out my nephew hears people calling his name. Maybe it’s genetic. When I start hearing people telling me who to kill, I’ll worry about it.
I hear music sometimes too. I think it’s the wind.

I love this Julie!! (me too on the kill part!)

ahhhh….so love your comment and yes, it’s true most of the time (or always) they’re listening…and that gives me comfort.

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