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Posted on : 23-10-2011 | By : Lynn | In : Communication

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Energy surfing is a term I coined to explain what it is that we are experiencing when we meet, connect and build friendships and relationships with each other on line.  I’ve written about this a lot because how can you help but not “feel” the energy that is transpiring between you and another person via the simple medium of electronics…whatever electronics you are using to communicate.

It’s hard to explain to someone what that feeling of energy surfing is if they’re not already open to the many ways that we humans experience energy already.  I had quite a back and forth conversation with one of the people who responded to a similar topic I had posted asked on LinkedIn. Where he was coming from, if I understood him correctly, was that the energy that I was talking about feeling was coming from me and my perceptions.  Granted, he had a point because we’re always at the mercy of our own perceptions and feelings but what I was unable to communicate to him was that intangible connection-energy that can happen on-line with two or more people that is a partnership of energies.

Let it be said too, that when I first began heavily using email communication back and forth I stumbled into some not so fun exchanges with family members and close friends because of what was being lost in the written communication.  During one such exchange several years ago, my husband had to tell me over and over again to STOP EMAILING WITH THAT PERSON. Nothing was going to get resolved in our gritty, jerky email exchanges.  What I wonder now is if what I was experiencing was another dimension of feeling the energy of a particular family dynamic that has always been around—in action.  Brrrr, like the little snow man would say when telling the story of Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer.

With time, I’ve learned how to catch a wave of the emotions of myself and others as I write back and forth on LinkedIn, FaceBook, blogging and various social media communiques.   One of the fascinating aspects of gaining confidence of the intuitive abilities that I have always known is that with more connections and dare I say, shhh, ….love…., that I feel I am less inclined to need some of the kinds of attention that I used to pine for from others to let me know that I am alright.  Insert major flights of anxiety and low self esteem here.

Sure, lots of therapy and recovery from addictions and all kinds of spiritual spelunking has helped me to mature, there’s no doubt about that. But what I’m talking about is finally feeling like what used to be this bottomless pit inside of unmet needs, is being met.  Last night I went to the Texas Book Festival Authors’ Party with my good friend Nettie Reynolds of the Hartsock Agency which was held at the ab fab home of Eddie Safady.  All I had to drink was sparkling water and I felt so at home among the writers.  I didn’t feel less than because I haven’t published my book yet (which I am writing now!) and so enjoyed mingling and connecting with some of my writer friends who I really have gotten to know better because of chatting back and forth on Facebook.

I have to say though, even with all the great energy surfing that I am experiencing today I still am not at the mercy of my cellphone or the computer. I get on and “mingle in the spheres” when I want to and get off and enjoy my reality on this holodeck that I call my life today.   That’s probably one of the keys to being able to energy surf is to be able to rest up from it and restore your energy between surfs.

Do you notice the energy going on around you today?  If you surf it, how do you catch a good wave?


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