NEXT073 You Know More Than You Think You Know

Posted on : 29-09-2011 | By : Lynn | In : Heart Talks



Today while I was talking with my mentor I realized that I “know” more than I think I know (not to be confused with “I don’t know what I don’t think I know”).  Over the past couple of weeks, we’d been throwing around the idea of either leading a teleclass together (workshop done over the phone) or I’d offer one on my own. On occasion, we’d also talk about my offering a retreat again.

The last time I offered a retreat was two years ago and that particular one was at a very expensive place that ended up costing me (in fact, I had to pay to attend my own retreat).  It was a humbling experience and a learning experience for me being as how it was the first retreat I’d lead where I lost rather than earned money.  So I put leading retreats on the back burner.

When my mentor prompted me to see if I would commit to leading a teleclass, I realized that what I really wanted to do was offer a retreat and when she started asking me questions about the retreat (that I had just committed to), I soon realized that I already “knew” what the retreat would be about, what materials I would use, where it would be, what it would cost and within a relatively short period of time I knew when I would have it.   I knew more than I thought I knew.

I bet all of us have examples of times when we found out that we knew more than we thought we knew.  When has that happened for you?  What happened for you to realize you already had the answer?

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