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Posted on : 16-09-2011 | By : Lynn | In : Communication, Travel

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Stuck in a rut? Tired of doing the same ole routine day after day?  Find a way to get away from it all and travel.  Where there is a will, there is a way.  Right now I’m sitting on the balcony of our hotel looking at another incredible Mexican sunset.  There is rain off in the distance on the mainland and underneath the cumulus clouds on the horizon is a very faint patch of clouds which are  outlined in rose.  All of these clouds, of course, are hanging over the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

We had another great day of diving and spotted 8 or 9 Sea Horses! Yay!! Finally got to see them in their habitat.  And these guys were big!! I’m talking at least an inch or more!  So beautiful with their arched necks hanging out with their looped tails on a blade of grass.

Seahorse in Cozumel


We also so a puffer fish when we were sailing over the grasses looking for Seahorses who was such a funny beastie.  He hung around really still at first as if he was saying, “you can’t see me, I’m not here..”

Puffer Fish

New ways of thinking are coming into my consciousness because my usual ruts of thinking have been changed by all the new sites, sounds, and people that I am seeing and experiencing. Right now the last rays of the setting sun are bursting through the clouds making big wide blue and white streaks that reminds me of the Northern Lights.  It’s easy to forget what I thought was so important last week when I was worried about how to bring in more income.

So grateful for travel and for friends who we love and enjoy enough to travel to experience all kinds of places.

How will you discover new ways of thinking for yourself?

Male Seahorses are the ones who carry the eggs...

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