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Cozumel has been preparing for celebrating Independence from Spain (100 years?) for weeks now and the day is finally here! There are brightly lit decorations in red, green and white everywhere from hanging beaded lights wrapped around street posts to waving flags everywhere (I even contemplated getting a tiny Mexican flag tattooed on my ankle).  We enjoyed an incredible meal with our friends at one of our favorite restaurants, La Cocay before walking up the newly expanded sidewalks along most of the one-way streets running up to the main street that follows the water’s edge.  As luck would have it, my sore foot from the oxygen tank falling on it yesterday began to protest at the idea of walking another ten blocks to all the festivities so David, Abbe and I bowed out to return to the quiet of our hotel rooms and get a good night’s sleep before diving in the morning.

Although the Mexicans are certainly proud of their independence, on the whole they are certainly less obnoxious about it then we northern Americans can sometimes be although the certainly will have lots of music and cerveza along with a big fireworks display at midnight.  All down the streets leading up to the festival being celebrated on the island were quiet. Not a firecracker popping anywhere; however, as you got closer to the main square the main thoroughfare was blocked off and policia were directing traffic out of the way for parking.

Some of me feels guilty for turning down the opportunity to go watch a few hundred of my favorite people in Mexico as they celebrate their day (you are more apt to see a father holding hands walking his child down the street as anything untoward ) but then again, I did have the privilege of undergoing a re-birthing experience with one of my friends who is trained in such regards right there on the beach in front of our hotel today so I’m feeling rather quiet and enjoying listening to the hum of the air conditioner trying to lull us to sleep.

As one of our friends said today, “if more people travelled around the world and experienced different people and views, there’d probably be 90% less violence towards one another”.  I sure agree with him.  Get out there and explore other places and find out how other people live and think.  The mind you open may be your own?

Where will you explore tomorrow:

Families in Cozumel

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