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Posted on : 09-09-2011 | By : Lynn | In : Heart Talks

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What a gift! Today I interviewed my friend Shannon Ogg on my Blog Talk Radio Show “Hope42Day”.  Among his many talents, Shannon is a Reikki Master, Channeler, Healer and all around fun guy.  One of my favorite Shannon sayings is, “going at the speed of love”.  That just about says it all doesn’t it.

One of the bits of wisdom that I held on to today was to be in the moment.  Right now there’s all kinds of stuff going on in the world from wars in the Middle East to droughts in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Africa to floods.  In the U.S. we’re also experiencing remembrances of 9/11/2001 all over our broadcast media.  In many aspects it is important for us to remember the past and hopefully learn from our history and it is equally as important for us to move forward and look down at our feet to remember that we are here today.  What is the now that we are experiencing each moment, and that moment and that moment?

I noticed that as my husband and I were returning from dinner tonight, the skin on his arm from our mingling while holding hands felt so good to me.  How great is that considering we’ve been together 21 years now?  It such a marked difference from how I feel about my husband ‘s skin today compared to when I was 10 and having to sit near my little 8 year old brother in the car.  There was a definite line of demarcation down the center of the bench seat in our Buick Station wagon and of course you know we drove each other mad walking one little finger over the line or shifting a foot ever so stealthy over the hump in the middle to the other side.

When I’m scared, it’s not so easy to stay in the moment. In fact, that is the time when I really want to take off light years ahead in the future to avoid pain.  But I like what Shannon had to say today about thanking each event that comes into our life and trusting the wisdom that will be revealed to us.  It’s a different way of thinking. It’s actually a trusting way of considering the universe and all the events that occur around, to and through us.

I invite you to spend a few moments today just relishing the moment. Give yourself permission to clear your mind and allow whatever is there for you…to be.  Life is like a collage of moments, enjoy your masterpiece in the making.


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