NEXT021 Finding the Magic in Life

Posted on : 05-08-2011 | By : Lynn | In : Mind Fodder

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Oh yes you can do it. You can certainly find the magic in life if you try.   Tonight as we took the Paul-dog for a walk an hour after the sun set, we witnessed the erratic flight of two bats (I was worried that our one neighborhood bat was all alone, but now it looks like he’s found a friend) through our neighbors yards.  There was something reassuring about their dance.  I think it’s so hot (97 right now at 10pm) that even the Cicadas have gone back to sleep.  There’s a first quarter moon tonight blazing in the night sky so brightly that moon shadows stream out everywhere.

It’s the kind of night that could go either way. I could get really depressed at just the thought of looking at next week’s unchanging weather forecast with no sign of disruption in site or I could sit and enjoy the warm breeze on my face as I look up at the moon and stars circling up above.  I’ve also made it a point this summer to really pay lots of good attention to our older Labrador girl.  She’ll be ten in October so her eyes are getting cloudy and she’s got some white whiskers sprouting out on her muzzle but she still loves to be nuzzled on and especially to get great belly rubs.  She’s always been such an elegant lady that I forget how much she loves to be loved until I climb on top of her when she’s laying down and let her know how much I love her. Then that big thick tail thumps over and over again to the rhythm of our hearts.  Besides that, she’s the best smelling dog I’ve ever had.

If you look for the magic, you’ll find it….you just have to remember how easy it can be once you get going.  Just a minute ago, I looked out of the dark window in our study and noticed this tiny little figurine between the window and the screen. I’ll have to wait until morning to be sure, but it appears like a bird feather blew into the window and got caught in a spider web so that it looks like a floating Daffy Duck.  Okay, okay, so I’m a cheap date when it comes to magic, but just think of all the magic that can be found when you keep your mind open for it!

What magic will you find in life?

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