DINK #313 Ten Things I Learned From Clients and Mentorees This Week

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It has been my experience that I always learn something about myself, other people, ideas, facts etc. from every person I come across when I choose to keep my mind and heart open to receiving the learning. I hope the following can get you to thinking about all that you’ve learned this week too.

This is a list of ten things that I learned from clients as well as some  people who I mentored  this week (just to name a few!):

1.) Even if you’ve been chewing on the same problem for years and years, when you decide to let yourself have a break-through, you can change the pattern in an instant.

2.) If you keep having the same situation happen over and over again, but your life is too busy to stop and review what’s not working….therein  lies the clue.

3.) We all have our own unique calling, finding your own is a real blessing. Allowing others to find theirs when you allow them help you is even bigger.

4.) No matter how many bells and whistles you have after your name, we all thirst for someone to see and hear us for who we are.

5.) Believing in someone and helping them to see how you see them is a magic elixer for potential.

6.) When you are helping others, most people hear what you are saying even though they may not acknowledge it at the time. The seed is always planted.

7.) Most people will let you know what their strengths and weaknesses are, respect them both and address them accordingly.  Even the most competent of people, needs a gentle handl holding now and then.

8.) There really is a very thin line between excitement and fear. Following your breath and breathing from your core helps disseminate the highs and lows into a frequency that allows divine guidance in. Striking a yoga pose and holding it to the count of ten can also help shift you out of fear and into the light.

9.) Human beings really are amazingly resilient and magnificent when we reach for the gold bar of life no matter what our trials and tribulations.

10.) The difference between a higher self inkling and your ego can be felt by where it “hits” you in your body when you become aware of the thought.  Inklings usually come very softly but clearly and ego is more loud and discordant. Listen for the soft quiet voice just below the din in your mind, it will never lead you astray.

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