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Have you ever seen the metaphysical movie, “The Secret” which was released in 2006 as a movie-web sensation?  The very first cuts of the movie included Esther Hicks/Abraham (Law of Attraction) and for many of us, this was the first time to really have a beautiful visual as well as auditory lesson about attracting what we want into our lives.  For those of us who are into such things, groups sprung up all over the world to discuss and explore the qualities of attracting and manifesting what we wanted into our lives.  I even interviewed one of the speakers of “The Secret”, James Ray, during my first live radio interview show on KOOP 91.7 FM back in 2006.

For those of you who may not know the basic premise of manifesting and attracting what you want in your life, I’ll take a quote from Esther and Jerry Hicks’ “Teachings of Abraham in their book, “The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent” which sums it down to this:

“When you ask, it is given. It is always given. It is given every time. No exceptions…When you or anyone or anything asks, it is given.”

I have had the experience in my life of people, places or things that I have had a strong desire for appearing out of seemingly thin air.  Before I met my husband, I had very few long-term relationships and my definition of long-term had been nine months tops!  When I met him he had just moved to Austin from New York and we just happened to have the same friend who just happened to work at the same place that I did.  Twenty-one years later and we’re still creating our story together.  When we found the home that we’ve been in since 1996,  we stumbled upon it almost by accident because a co-worker of my husband had accepted an out of town job and needed to sell his home.  When we went to look at it, there were many decorating type things that we wanted to change but the basics of the land and a pool was what we had both dared to want for a very long time.  We sold the home we were in at the time, and bought this new home within THREE DAYS.  My list goes on and on but what I tend to forget was how effortlessly these things came into my life…as if by divine intervention.

I don’t know about you but when it comes to  assessments or following through on exercises that are supposed to produce a certain result, I tend to be one of those people who will “break” or severely stretch the parameters.  Suffice it to say that when it came to participating in Law of Attracting groups and trying to manifest what I wanted into my life—like the leaders and/or participants of the groups seemed to be manifesting what they wanted into their lives—-I just never was to be able to do it.  I went through several stages where I felt disenchanted, disillusioned, skeptical, depressed and maybe just a little bit angry.  In whatever way it is that my brain processes learning, I felt like trying to “manifest” and “attract” like I thought everyone else was doing it—was causing me to lose the great connection that I had with a Higher Power of my understanding.  I used to pride myself in being able to float a variety of different beliefs in my consciousness simultaneously, but this period of time in my life felt like I had walked into a gravity chamber of lead that didn’t leave anything floating in the air for consideration much less manifesting.

Overtime, I’ve been rebuilding and reconnecting the relationship with that Higher Power and rekindling the belief that I am a human being who lives a life at choice.  Everything and everyone that comes into my life is a result of a decision or series of decisions that I have made.  As I’ve written in previous blogs, I am making a conscious choice not to entertain the usual-suspects of negative thoughts when they come into my mind. Instead, as soon as I recognize them I STOP them and ask myself if the thoughts are useful or helpful to me and if they are not then I ask myself what, if any, action I need to take.

For the past few weeks I’ve been working with a good friend who is a fellow Coach and Master Mind member five days a week for 20 minutes which is helping me to carve out some new coaching programs and really get intentional about coaching and the kind of clients who I want to attract.  Almost as effortless as a swan swimming through the water, great ideas about the kind of coaching I could offer and new clients appeared in my life.  But as soon as my friend began talking about manifesting, there was that lead balloon again.  I couldn’t even manifest a parking place at school the next day!  My friend had this same dilemma as well and we soon realized that part of our issue was because somehow in our minds when we heard or thought about manifesting, it immediately became a chore for us.  It was no fun. There was no joy in the process of manifestation.

We made a pact to create a “manifesting journal” but only create in it when our heart was full of joy. I have since shared with three friends and I am now going to share this idea with you.

1.) Get yourself a journal that fits well with your personality.  I have a very simple spiral notebook (MR is the brand) that I bought at Target that I love because of the hard cover and the lining of the paper.

2.) Each page is for one thing, person, place, idea, etc. that you want to manifest in your life.  That one thing may take up several pages, but keep your focus on one thing that you want to manifest for each page.

3.) Remember how you want to feel.  Most of the current day sages who talk about the Law of Attraction, remind us to pay attention to how we want to “feel”.  In manifesting what you want in your life, it’s not enough just to visualize it–you have to feel like you know you will feel with that person, place, thing in your life.  Remember when you were a kid, and you could create a magical experience for yourself almost from thin air?  I sure could, about the most simplest of things like being excited to go to the DQ after our mom dragged us to the base commissary and BX when she would reward us with a corn dog and chocolate shake.  Those shopping days were magical to me!!

4.) Let go of the “how”.  I think our adult selves trumps our child selves when it comes to manifesting sometimes because we trudge into our dreams and feelings of joy with all the hows, and buts and what ifs.  All of those concerns are important for living; however, all we’re doing with our journal is having fun and letting that kid part of ourselves out to play and have fun with this.  Remember that for many of us, this whole manifesting thing became drudgery because instead of going with the flow and remember the joy—we kept trying to figure it all out.  I know I’ve had dreams of flying that perfectly illustrate these feelings for me. In some of my flying dreams, I’ll effortlessly take off in flight and be way up high soaring along until I realize how effortlessly I’m soaring and then I lose my height and sometimes I have to land and then run several times and jump up to fly again.  Go ahead, let yourself fly. Have fun.

This is your journal so no one is going to be looking at it…however you decide to communicate to yourself how you want to feel in your life when you’re living your best life—go for it.  You may want to write, draw, paint, collage, the sky really is the limit.  Enjoy yourself.  And if/when that part of your brain shows up that just has to KNOW HOW you are possibly going to get anything that you desire into your life, tell it kindly to bug off for right now because this is your very own journal to help you to remember how to have joy in your life.

Now go do it and have fun!

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