DINK #300 Top 20 List Of What To Do When You’re In A Funk

Posted on : 23-01-2011 | By : Lynn | In : Heart Talks


1.  The first step is admitting that you’re in a funk–so it’s a good thing that you realize it!

2.  Accepting that your in a funk is a little bit harder, but if you take a few deep breaths, hold them in for a couple of counts and breathe out you’ll be able to let the acceptance wash over you easier.

3.  If you’re hungry because you haven’t eaten anything in at least four hours–then eat something nutritional.  If you’re hungry but you’ve eaten recently then have a glass of water, cup of coffee or tea.

4.  If you’re angry or resentful at someone or about something, then call a friend or family member who you trust to get clear about what you’re feeling or grab a pad and pen and write it out.  They suggest in the 12-step program of AA that if you’re feeling resentful towards someone to pray for them to have every good thing you would want for yourself (but for them) for two weeks.  It works, try it.

5.  If you’re lonely,  call up a friend or family member, volunteer at one of the many community centers in your area, go to a coffee shop  with a good book or movie, find ways to engage with other people.  And for those of us who love animals–definitely find some critters to love on!

6.  If you’re tired, go to sleep.  I used to be embarrassed to admit that I needed at least 8 hours of sleep for optimum activity the next day and ideally 9-10 hours–now I’m just glad I know what to do to get my day off on the right foot!

7.  Have you had a regular check-up with your doctor? It may seem obvious, but you’d be amazed at how many times a funk can be related to a physical or mental issue that a physician or therapist can diagnose and prescribe ways of helping you to heal.

8.  Is this “funk” a familiar funk or just visits you now and again?  Can’t say enough good things about how much therapy has helped me in my life.  Best suggestion I was ever given while looking for the “right” therapist was to get referrals and then “listen” to my gut as to if there was a connection or not. Doesn’t matter how many plaques the therapist has on their wall if you don’t feel that connection with them.

9.  Create!   Find ways to express yourself using your creativity (yes, we all have it).  Visit your local library and scout out the sections on creativity until something sparks your interest.  Visit your local arts and crafts or hobby store and walk down every aisle to see if something sparks your interest.

10.  Go for a walk (or a run if you’re a runner).  Definitely get some good warm up stretches in before and after wards.  Move your arms and legs.  Breath deeply.

11.  Go for a swim or bike ride (if you are able).  Get your body moving, your lungs breathing in deeply and your heart rate up.

12.  Get out in nature.  There are many ways to enjoy nature no matter where you live.  I’ve enjoyed scuba diving in the Caribbean as well as jogging through Central Park—the list is endless!

13.  Take in a museum or art exhibit.  Expand your mind. Learn something.

14.  Help someone else out.  Sometimes I can get pretty self-centered when I spiral into a depressed state and the best antidote for me is to help someone else out. It can be as simple as keeping yourself alert to when someone needs help and then acting on it.  Discover ways to be helpful to others.  Find at least two people to be kind to each day.

15.  If you can, pay attention to the “mind chatter” in your brain and when you hear it saying something negative to you about anything—visualize a big ole red stop sign with big white letters that say STOP.  Replace the mind chatter with something positive.   Repeat as needed, our brains are very sophisticated thinking machines but they do not have dominion over us—we can learn how to think positively instead of negatively. Try it.

16.  Music.   If music is part of your life like it is for me,  listen to music.   Keep listening to different kinds of music until you find “THE” piece that you want to play over and over again because it hits just the right chord inside of you which can help you release the funk that is all pent up inside.

17.  Read positive literature. I’m not talking about Pollyanna type of literature. I’m talking about uplifting books, blogs, documentaries that help to bring up your level of hope.  Find what inspires you, our world has tons just waiting for you to read.  I love reading Anne Lamott at times like this, she’s just the right amount of positive but with a lot of sass!

18.  Clean your closets if you’re at home and desk drawers and tops if you’re at work. I’m serious, it gives you an opportunity to contemplate while you dust, clean, throw away, file, rehang, etc.  Chuck those things that you don’t need or want anymore; give away those things that you think others might like.  Organize visually in a way that helps you to find what you need easier and is pleasing to your eyes.

19.  Write and send cards to people you care about. I’m serious. Think of how welcome your card will be–especially now days when hardly anyone sends anything by snail mail.  Write a sentence or two telling the people you care about that, well, you care about them!  And send it. They’ll be glad you did and you will feel better.

20.  You can re-start your day anytime you want. Just because you may have awakened in a funk or perhaps slipped into a funk sometime during the day doesn’t mean you have to stay in a funk.  The choice is yours.

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