DINK #290 It’s Okay, We’re All Just Waking Up!

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Have you ever woken up from a long winter’s nap with a group of people?  Well, if you have keep it to yourself if you’re past the age of ten!

If you were like me when you were little and had to lay down to take a nap with all the other kiddos, you probably fussed and fidgeted about having to stop playing and/or learning so that you could be still for what seemed like f o r e v e r.  Then it seemed like the adult person who thrust such things upon us, always woke us up way too soon for our preferences!  We’d all squirm around rubbing our little eyes with our little fists hoping that we might find away to slip into blissful sleep again.

This is what I believe “we” humans are doing right now. It’s as if we’ve all been asleep for a very long winter’s nap and are just waking up to the realities of what is going on.

One of my Coach/Master Mind friends and I were talking about just the state of the world this morning on the phone while we were waiting for our other members to join us and the way people are kvetching and afraid about so many things from health care to education.  As we bore deeper into the subject the question that popped up in my consciousness was how did we get here? Surely at some point in time when some of the ideas, institutions, agencies were first created they seemed like a good idea — at —- that —- time.    I’m sure that if you had a lengthy conversation with your favorite local historian about the genesis  of health care or our education system or medical insurance, you would discover that for the time, many of these things seemed to make a whole lot of sense to many people.

What his happening now is that we have outgrown all kinds of institutions that were created long ago and we are in the process of waking up from sleeping through their evolution.  There’s a whole lot of weeds that need to be pulled, lot’s of soil that needs to be turned and in some cases, things that need to be chucked into the compost heap.

I often wonder what it is in our make-up that for a large portion of humanity tends to have us looking for a parent or authority figure to “blame” for the state of things that, in many cases, we helped bring into being through choices we have made, votes we have given as well as purchases and services we have bought.  Perhaps it is as simple as that when we blame someone or something outside of ourselves we do not have to take responsibility for our choices.  That and most humans do not like change of any kind!

Believe me, I’m writing all of this but I will most likely spend the rest of my life time paying attention to the choices I make and the thoughts that I allow to permeate my perceptions so that I can do the best I can to be the best “Lynn” that I can be — whoever that is?!

Yesterday in my meditation I was guided to recall as many times as possible, when I felt inspired, elated, engaged in work situations.  For the first couple of minutes I did a really good job of this and could remember the feelings of progress, approval, inspiration but then up would come my very familiar negative way of looking at some of these work situations and catching myself before they took off running was an interesting feat.  The guide who was helping me through this meditation asked me questions about how those negative feelings felt (not good) and what my pay off was (energy and illusion of control).  I realized that the negative way of looking at things was a whole lot stronger than my positive way.  I kept going to the negative way because it was “usual” and because if was familiar.

Somehow these two things are related, the way we look at things and the state of things in the world right now.  Can it seem overwhelming when you start looking at the sheer numbers and statistics of health care, education, medical insurance, jails, etc.?  Of course it does!  Just like when we were kids waking up from a nap and not particularly interested in pursuing the afternoon activities (for me, it wasn’t until the good snacks were put out!) eventually we were able to stretch and roll, sit-up and get up to start running.   That’s all that is going on now, we’re just all waking up to who we are and what part we play in this world.

What are you willing to wake up to see about yourself today?

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