DINK #285 Ahhhh The Juxtapositions of Life!

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This afternoon I met a good friend for coffee to just be with her as she navigates through the dark tunnel of what was once her marriage.  We were sitting outside so I  was able to enjoy the evidence of the setting sun playing against the sky behind her as she spoke.  At one point the sky was so beautiful with melon colored peach interweaving with very light turquoise and if that wasn’t enough, a flock of pigeons began to soar in and out and back and forth and up and down like notes changing on the clouds.  I know my friend would have appreciated the Divine’s lovely art work, but I also know that she needed to not be interrupted by my pointing it out, but rather respect her conversation so she could find her way out loud.

I was struck by the juxtaposition of my friend’s bleeding heart and the beauty of nature expressing itself all around her.  It was if God was sending big postcards of love, each one more beautiful than the last, so that my friend would know that she was not alone and I was to be the witness to the sacredness of it all.

I felt supported to by the magnificent unknown and was able to be there for my friend with my co-dependency in check, and to share experience, strength and hope and most of all love.  I also felt the support of an unseen power that is all around us all the time and just waiting for us to ask for its attention in our lives. I was able to simultaneously feel the deep searing pain of all the realities that my friend is uncovering and at the same time know without a shadow of a doubt that she would heal from this someday and she would be okay.  What’s more, I’m sure she will love and be loved again.

It’s as if the more I allow myself to expand my heart to feel, my truth as well as another, the more I have faith in the great unknowable to be there for strength and support.  It’s a very bizarre juxtaposition that I have never been able to reconcile by intellect but only recently been able to equalize by allowing myself to go through the feeling process

I’m very grateful that today I was able to be there for and with my friend and at the same time save the Divine’s postcards for a future collage of love.

If you find yourself in a very dark place at some point in your life then please know that there is the gift of grace somewhere for you to see and feel right then even if you are unable to receive it and that maybe someday, if you’re open to it, you will see the juxtaposition of light and dark playing out against the background of another person’s dark time so that you can know for sure what is always there for us, all the time.

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