DINK #278 “La Luna è Bella Stasera!” (The Moon Is Beautiful Tonight)

Posted on : 21-12-2010 | By : Lynn | In : Uncategorized



The full moon is gorgeous tonight and will be especially for those of us in North America at between 12:30am and 2:30am CST when there will be a full lunar eclipse (which after reading and hearing several versions of when we last had a full lunar eclipse, Earth Sky says it’s been since 1554  http://tinyurl.com/2dgencb) And if anyone is an astrology buff (check out Lissa Boles on FB) there is all kinds of stuff going on with Jupiter (http://tinyurl.com/294ma8g) that, as I understand it, means that THIS IS THE TIME FOR YOU TO MAKE ANY CHANGES THAT YOU MAY HAVE BEEN SITTING ON FOR AWHILE BECAUSE YOU WERE WAITING FOR THE RIGHT TIME.  NOW IS THAT TIME.

So do it.

I feel very hopeful with all of these signs of change and the repetition of huge planets and solar/lunar alignments happening at the same time. If nothing else, the full eclipse reminds me that I am but a small speck of grain in the real scheme of the Universe.  And I’m aware of being alive and am aware of expansiveness of the Universe.  I’m a big picture kind of a gal, so times like these when I pop out of my little brain an envision first how our sun, moon and earth impact each other and then move on to glimpse how all the planets in our solar system relate to each other and then move out from that….well, it’s pretty easy to put whatever idea or person who was bugging me today into perspective.

If you think about it, but not too hard because you may get a brain cramp like I often do, the pattern of the positioning of the moon, earth and sun tonight along with the Jupiter and Uranus revolving into the same orbit they had done in the 1500’s, well there some kind of really big math happening right now all at the same time.  Repeating math, gravity and patterns.  This all seems very significant to me and I just have a byte of information that my brain can grasp on its impact.

So why not, why not make tonight, right now the time that you will make those changes that you’ve been meaning to make?  Get your ducks in order, pull in your support systems around you and jump into the arms of your higher power to move you forward.

The moon is beautiful tonight and so are you!!

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