DINK #253 Finding Enjoyment In The Simple Things Of Life

Posted on : 02-12-2010 | By : Lynn | In : Uncategorized


I shared in a meeting tonight about how happy I’ve been over the last two days and, really, nothing emphatically fantastic has been happening except that I am at peace. Oh that!? I mused tonight that perhaps this peaceful state is really what we are all looking for ultimately in this game of life.

This afternoon as I filled the bird feeders up with food in preparation for the cold snap that is supposed to blow through tomorrow afternoon, I noticed the Pistachio tree on the edge of our property has drop dead gorgeous fall colors in its leaves from deep rust to amber to gold to burnished copper.  It was just sitting there all bright in shining brimming with color for me to just happen to glance up and enjoy it today.  I’m grateful that I could take in its beauty.

Tonight before I left for my meeting, I went out just after dusk and laid out on the diving board watching the clouds blow swiftly by in varying shades of blues and purples. Every once in a while a patch of sheer sky and bright shining stars would show through.  I lay there for twenty minutes just taking in the beauty of the changing weather patterns and kissing whichever dog would amble up to check on me.  I could hear the neighborhood kids playing ball in their front yard and it reminded me of how my brother and I would play with our neighborhood friends until the last shard of light beamed into the night.  I’m grateful to have this kind of peace in my life.

May you find peace, contentment and enjoyment in the simple things that life has to offer.  It is the simple things that can yield much joy!

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