DINK #229 Ten Reasons I Wonder If I Might Be An Alien

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1.) Well we’re made out of star seeds and dust, right?;

2.) I can be happy for a good friend who finds out they’re going to be a new Gramma but inside of my head it is cocking to the side wondering what all the excitement is about;

3.) Heading home the other night we came to the stop light and began to turn left with just enough time to miss the car coming at us…I made a really weird sound out of my lips that wasn’t a scream and wasn’t blowing air. It sounded kind of like some kind of Praying Mantis — as if I knew how they sounded.  I think I’ve heard myself make this sound before.

4.) I’m never bored.  I may be mellow, I may be quiet but I’ll always find something interesting to focus on and try to understand;

5.) I have book shelves teaming with books.  In the study, in the bedroom, in the living room. Now, I can’t remember specifics about what many of them are about but many times I can turn right to the page with the information that I’m seeking without much effort;

6.) I love to lay on the diving board at night and get lost in the stars in the sky.

7.) I recognize other people like me without any words being spoken;

8.) The older I get the more curiouser people become;

9.) I’m just on the edge of being hypnotized by group think but able to recognize when I’m being sucked in;

10.) After reading these nine questions of mine, you probably are wondering too!! 😀

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Why don’t you ask your Mom?


Am I? nanoo nanoo xoxoxo

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