DINK #222 It’s All About Timing

Posted on : 29-10-2010 | By : Lynn | In : Heart Talks


We finally sat down to watch “500 Days of Summer” (Zooey Deschnel, Joseph Gorden Levitt) but David bailed at the half-way point (no car crashes, etc.) and I’ve got to say that it was a bitter sweet movie to sit through. I didn’t like the very realistic ending so much because I so related to Joseph (Joe?)’s character.  I’m a sucker for romance—spoiler alert—but I sure do understand about the timing of relationships even in the best of conditions if both parties aren’t in sync it’s just not going to fly.  I’m sure glad that some of those out of sync times in my life never synced now that I have what I have in my life but you sure couldn’t have told me that back then. Nope. I wasn’t much into timing. Or I was into timing all right but I was into the idea of what I wanted the timing to be instead of what the timing really was.

Caught a very nice piece about Jane Goodall on 60 minutes. Wow, what a gal.  I was almost scared to watch it because of how deeply I feel about animals and I was scared they were going to show the sad conditions that the chimps were in today.  Luckily, we just heard about the stats of how many there were when she began her (://www.janegoodall.org/about-jgi) research with the chimpanzees in Africa at the young of 22 and how many there are now 50 years later.  I was thinking about the timing of Jane’s friend inviting her to come visit their new home in Africa and how Jane set out to go there and how impactful Africa was for her and she has been for it.  Thank God she followed through with the timing of it all because there’s no telling where the chimps would be now without her help in educating the world about them.

Timing is such an interesting idea because it seems that everyone has their own unique rhythm and twirl with it which I am reminded of daily when I check out celebrity birth dates in our paper and am consistently startled to be reminded how young or old some of the people are who we hear about all the time.  A career as a singer may take some people most of their lives to reach success and/or celebrity (or not) but could strike others very early, like Taylor Swift who is only 20.  Then again, there are others who just touch the veil of greatness throughout their lifetime and pop through it finally after many years as a seemingly overnight success. Timing?  I think so, but the equation is too long for me to figure out here.

To be good at timing I suppose we have to be good at accepting who we really are, embracing the present and recognizing opportunity before it hits us in the face.  It’d be fun for us to play with a little experiment over the next week and just notice when, where and/or if timing comes to play in our lives.  Then please do write about it so that we can share our discoveries with each other!

Speaking of timing, I’ve got two sleepy dogs and a husband waiting to tuck it in for the night! Night night all!

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