DINK #218 Flying Right Along Side The EIght Ball

Posted on : 25-10-2010 | By : Lynn | In : Uncategorized


When I woke up this morning I expected that my day would flow like Wednesdays usually do and it pretty much did in with my beginning phone calls and breakfast but then I added 1.2 miles to my run and changed up the route just a little bit. After I showered and was getting ready for lunch and the long drive to school a thought occurred to me. I could use the two hours commuting time and three hours class time to get caught up on a class that I have been lagging way behind in for weeks now. I got still for a minute and tried on that idea. Although I would really miss one of my classes because I always have fun in it, I am all caught up on assignments in it and I am planning to meet the professor for the class that I’m behind in tomorrow morning so I realized if I stayed home and got caught up on my assignments that would be a better use of my time then to actually go to the classes.

I stayed home and worked on the freaking origami people from hell (see previous notes) and the itty bitty desks and chairs. My brain kept coming up with really great ideas to divert me like “take a break and go get your allergy shot and herbs and grab a cup of coffee” but I kept on working. My brother and his wife both called me at various points in the afternoon to ask if they could bring over their parents (I’ve met her fabulous mom already but not her dad yet) and I had to tell them that it was crunch time for me and I really had to get the assignments done.

I have four origami people that look the best out of all the origami people that I’ve made, and trust me I’ve made a village, I made four desks that I don’t like at all but at least I have something to show for my time and two chairs with the three little slats cut out in the sides. I even printed out photos for a 12x12x6 module assignment and put it in the notebook with cover page etc. So I feel much better about going to visit the professor in the morning. I feel like I may have done a Harry Potter today and flown right beside the eight ball instead of way behind it.

I also had taken a break in-between desks and chairs to re-do my resume format into a “functional” resume format for a friend of mine to pass along to a friend of hers. I revamp resumes for people all the time but doing it for myself is an entirely other thing for sure!!

The moral of this note tonight (if there is a moral to be had) is that if you’ve been feeling like your life is moving at a surreal speed of light and you can’t catch your breath, that’s probably the time for you to stop, take a breath and regroup so that you can feel what it’s like to fly right alongside the eighth ball.

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