DINK #213 Top Ten Ways To Be “Real”

Posted on : 20-10-2010 | By : Lynn | In : Uncategorized


1.) Breathe from your diaphragm and relax the tension out of your shoulders and back with the release of each breath;

2.) Be honest about what you don’t and what you do know;

3.) Be willing to be vulnerable;

4.) Laugh at yourself. Often;

5.) Pay attention to the quiet voice inside of you;

6.) Be curious about other people because you want to help or contribute to them
and not because you want something from them;

7.) Forgive yourself and others. Often;

8.) Create a willing mind;

9.) Accept yourself and others right here, right now;

10.) Surrender your fight to be right. Instead look for ways to agree without diluting who
you really are. Respect yourself and others.

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