DINK #207 You Can Learn Amazing Things By Just Being Curious!

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There was a good portion of my life that I felt so insecure about who I was and had such a little bitty self esteem and was so self-absorbed that it’s amazing I didn’t trip over my feet more than I did from lack of looking outward.  During the many years of self-discovery and releasing the past, I heard a message over and over which was to become curious of the people and the world around me. If I was at a party or company event instead of feeling incredibly shy and/or insecure, if I became curious about what was going on in the lives of the people who were there and curious about who they were than my insecurity seemed to vanish or morph into becoming a kind of treasure hunt.

It’s helped me over these years in my career as a recruiter because I was naturally curious about the projects that our clients were creating and wanted to know all aspects about the projects and clients from soup to nuts. I was also curious about the people who we interviewed and eventually hired for positions.  I learned a whole lot about software and hardware that I never learned formally in any kind of education because I learned it from just being curious and diving in to find out information.

Today I went to visit a good friend of mine who has just started chemotherapy for non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.  She was already battling with Lupus and Diabetes to begin with and then throw in the chemo treatment and, well, her vision is blurry and she isn’t very stable standing up or walking around. Luckily, the retirement community where she lives has all kinds of services that she can hire if need be so she’s got some helpers who come in and stay with her during the day and at night to help her manage her life right now.  I knew the minute that I heard her caregiver, Samuel, speak that I wanted to know more about him.  He had an African accent and I love learning about Africa but I couldn’t place which part of Africa he was from.  Turns out that he is from Kenya and is of the Kikuyu tribe (http://www.kenya-advisor.com/kikuyu-tribe.html), which is one of the largest tribes in Kenya. Samuel lives in Austin with one of his sons who is going to college here and has a son and daughter who are attending boarding school in Kenya and when they graduate, they will come to the U.S. to go to college.  My friend, Samuel and I got into an interesting discussion about the many countries in Africa, the politics, all the tribes and all the languages.  Many Africans are trying to make Swahili the national tongue to make it easier for Africans from different countries in Africa to be able to communicate with each other.  We also talked about how much the Geography of Africa has changed since my friend or I were in school several years ago. There are many new countries now. My friend and I also talked with Samuel about how we benefited having grown up in military families as compared to many Americans because we were exposed to other countries and cultures and ways of being. All in all a very enjoyable conversation was had by all. After getting to know Samuel, I was grateful that my friend was blessed to have a caregiver like him to keep her company. Her mind is still sharp as a tack even if her body seems to be skidding sideways most of the time.

As I left my friend and Samuel, I thought about our conversation and how grateful I am that I am curious because I learned so much today and made a connection that felt good.  I’m glad that I have an unquenchable desire to learn.  I must admit to you too that I can sometimes have these extreme hiccups of judgment about humanity in general—that everyone is ignorant and apathetic and pretty much pathetic—but then my curiosity gets the better of me and I start asking questions to learn more about somebody and most of the time my judgments are put to rest.  I’ve learned to cast my highly sensitive nature out to help me feel if someone is a person that I want to be curious about.  When I even get the smallest of inklings that perhaps someone is worth finding out about, I go with the inkling.  Sure, sometimes are more spectacular than others but I always learn something new and I’m a collector of learning.

My hope for you today is that if you are already a curious person that you will continue to explore the world with your curiosity and if you’re not a person who is very curious why not consider trying on curiosity for a week and see what you find out or learn. You may just be pleasantly surprised!

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Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.

– Kris

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