DINK #194 In These Times Of Change

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And times are always changing so really it may just be that we are all waking up to the what “is” and paying attention to what “isn’t”? Maybe? Anyway, here are some thoughts that I’ve picked up along the way to keep in mind when shifts in consciousness are happening (and you know it, so clap your hands!):

1.) Don’t panic (it’s been said before and bears saying again) the world is made up of patterns. Even in the chaos there are patterns and where there are patterns there is a rhythm and where there is a rhythm there is a heartbeat and where there is a heartbeat there is you and I.  We are not alone.

2.) Even if everything that you’ve ever known to be rock steady in your life changes, it will be for the better. Especially when it is the natural course of things and not pushed.  Trust the process. Trust the process. Trust the process.  If you know how to swim then remember how to breathe.

3.) There are mighty forces at work to help us through these changes.  Sometimes we’ll be able to see them and recognize them and sometimes we won’t but they are there and we are being helped.

4.) You know what to do.  It is as much a part of you as your soul.  You may have to get extra special quiet and still and you may feel like you have to listen for a very long time before you remember, but you know what to do.

5.) Reach out to others.  Ask how you can be of service. Find a way to get out of yourself by doing for someone for something else.  Give attention to your heart connections.

6.) Find reasons and ways to laugh. Darkness hates laughter.  It wants to absorb it into the silence but it cannot. Laughter is lighter.  Bump your spiritual funny bone and find ways to laugh with yourself when you stumble.

7.) Let go and see who else is in here with you.  A recent Hopi Prayer reminded us to let go go and to go with the river and find out who else has let inside of the swirl.

8.) Now is the time of gathering.  Like the reverberations that a pebble makes when it is dropped onto a still pool, people are ready to gather, discuss, witness, feel, discover, learn, encourage and love.  Now is the time of gathering.

9.) You can have the life you always wanted.  It just may not look like you expected but remember how you wanted to feel, that feeling will lead you to the truth.

10.) Fear and Excitement are on the same continuum; it’s all in the interpretation.

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