DINK #191 So Once You’ve Reached Your Vision, Then What?

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We humans are so funny. We’re constantly moving towards the next goal and the next goal and the very next goal. Which isn’t necessarily a bad characteristic because that’s one way we evolve, but it occurred to me today that most of the business books or self-help books (that you’d find in the professional or self help section and not necessarily in the spiritual or religious section) don’t address how to know when you’re at your vision and then what do you do with yourself (enjoy life? beep out of life? enter your answer here….).

What if we learned to live inside of our vision and instead of using “a vision” to continually pull us forward we instead learned how to really enjoy the vision where we are now?  This is, of course, for those people who have had a vision and then moved on to the next vision and so forth and so on. Perhaps they are truly living inside of at least one or two of their visions but haven’t stopped to really enjoy where they are at yet.  Yes, I know a handful of people who have actually reached this state.

I mean, you may have heard it said that life is but an illusion or a stage and we are but the players in the divine play.  If, for grins, we looked at our life in this way then couldn’t we just stop taking everything so seriously and find ways to enjoy our time that we have left here on planet Earth?  Maybe.  Some of us do have a strong biological urge to move forward and progress, which as I’ve said before is a good thing because it insures that humans will continue to evolve; however, what parameters are we using to judge what is moving forward and progressing?   When I’m able to meditate fully and deeply and connect with a divine presence that seems like movement and progression forward in ways that I don’t even understand how to measure.

The answers that we are looking for are all around us all the time for whatever problem is perplexing us.  The answers circle around again and again. It’s about our being able to get out of the way enough so that we can open up enough to receive them.  If you feel that you have a vision that hasn’t been realized yet, then by all means keep doing what you know to do to make your vision happen.  Just when you get to that invisible end in the road, be willing to stop for a while and enjoy the view before you create more road to move forward on.

Turns out that we hear sage reminders over and over again like, “don’t forget to stop and smell the roses” and there’s something to them.  Today I looked out the kitchen window and watched a hummingbird that likes to eat from one of the flowering sages.  As I continued to watch him, I noticed that he kept moving from the front flowers to the middle of the stalk and then back again. Something was really bugging him and/or disrupting his schedule.  At one point he spread his little hummingbird tail out wide and spread his little wings out wide–I’ve never seen a hummer do that—and then flew away.  I looked at the point of the flowering stalk that had caused him so much turmoil and saw this long green thing hanging there that was definitely not part of the plant.  As I looked closer I could tell that it was a Praying Mantis who was hanging by it’s feet.  It was at least as long as the hummingbird.  I guess life looks a whole lot different when you’re only an inch or so tall!  So glad I was able to take the time to notice this interaction. It was interesting. It’s something I can learn from and go research more about.  It won’t earn me any money but it did make me happy.

So what if you are living your vision right now?  What would you be doing?

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