DINK #186 Another Freaking Growth Opportunity (AFGO)!

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During a discussion today with some very special women the subject of “AFGO” came up which, of course, means “Another Freaking (insert your favorite “F” word here) Growth Opportunity”.  I think I first heard of this concept when I entered the world of Life Coaching at Coach University but I could just as well of heard it in one of the 12step rooms I’ve frequented over the years…suffice it to say the gist of AFGO is to be able to look at whatever is staring you in the eye during the present and no matter how unpleasant it may be to say to yourself, “well self, this just may be another freaking growth opportunity” you do it anyway.

I don’t know about you, but I have to really practice my yoga to be able to stretch my body effortlessly. The same goes with my spiritual, emotional and mental growth as well.  To move from experiencing every single dang negative thing that I perceive that is happening in my life as another thorn in my crown of VICTIM with a capital “V”, I/we/you/me/us have to first be able to see that maybe just maybe there is something to this life thing (that is beyond me to explain here) and so everything that comes into our life can be an opportunity for growth.

What brought about this discussion today was Attraction Principle #21 which is: See How Perfect The Present Really Is – Especially when it is clearly not. We talked about this principle being about acceptance and also being about having a faith in something outside of you (force, God, universe, divine law) that is moving throughout the scenes in our lives.    For me, it is usually easier to know when I’ve experienced an AFGO after the fact but every once in a blue moon I know I’m experiencing a growth opportunity as it is happening.  It’s as if I am witnessing my own life as it unfolds and making decisions about how I am going to respond to the people and/or situation as it is happening.  I think I’ve written about this experience before, but I believe it bares repeating, that when you are able to know that you are having a growth opportunity as it is unfolding you are experiencing some mammer jammer quantum physics of some sort because you are so fully in the present that you can be at choice with how you will respond.  As a recovering emotional spastic, being able to respond half way thoughtfully is definitely an improvement if not a blessing!

Oh, and one more thing about an AFGO, when I do have the where withal to know that I’m in the middle of a growth opportunity I also believe that it means that the bigger the pile of manure that I’m shoveling my way out of, the bigger the pony is and for grins I also look for the finely tooled bridle and saddle and a lovely wool blanket.  All the gifts are in there, it’s just we have to trust the process even when all we seem to be able to see for miles is the lovely color of brown.

AFGOs go hand in hand with humility and remaining teachable.  AFGOs help us to become more “real” and genuine. AFGOs remind us that we really don’t have all the answers even though we know we do.  AFGOs are spiritual connectors between us and other people.

What freaking growth opportunities have you experienced lately?

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