DINK #176 Go Ahead, Let Yourself Create And See What Happens

Posted on : 12-09-2010 | By : Lynn | In : Uncategorized


When I was a child, one of my favorite things was to organize all the kids that I played with and direct everyone as to the scope of the “scene” that we were playing, which characters we were playing and what we looked like (hair, skin tone, costumes etc.). I still remember in 3rd grade getting into a spat with my friend because my pretend character was supposed to have the longest hair of either of our two characters (and of course, she wanted her character to have the longest hair). But I digress. The point of this share is that I have loved to create whole new worlds for a very long time.

I’ve shared with you in previous blogs that this summer I was asked by a friend of mine to help her to create a talk show that we hope will be picked up digitally and also be televised. I can’t say much more about it yet because my friend wants to keep it under wraps but what I can share is that I have been having an absolute blast through this process. During our meeting this week as we ran down our list of tasks that need to be done before our three pilot shows are produced at the end of October, we were both impressed with how much work has been done by all of us already.  I don’t know why setting up this business of a talk show is so much more fun than other businesses that I have created or helped to create before, but I think it may be because this is the closest I’ve come to doing something that I really want to do probably ever in my life.

The encouragement that I want to share with you today is to go ahead and let yourself create something that you’ve always wanted to create and see what happens.  Let the editors in your head take a vacation.  Allow yourself to play with your ideas.  Right now with this talk show, my part is the sweat equity, which means that I will not earn anything until the show earns revenue, and I do not have to expend any of my own money—just my knowledge, passion and ambition to create.

What I’m learning about myself through this process is that I really do know a whole lot of stuff about getting things done (just as I had always suspected but wasn’t quite confident that it was true) and that I’m very good at learning how to do things on the fly, especially when I’m interested in what I am doing and learning.

Stay tuned for links to the show’s website and downloads of the first three shows, hopefully, sometime in November or December of this year.

In the meantime, what have you always wanted to create?  Would you like to create with someone else? Who can support you in helping you to create?  What do you need to make this happen for yourself?

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