DINK #154 Screech Owls Screeching In The Light Of The Half Moon

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As many times as I’ve heard Screech Owls, I’m always caught off guard just a little bit when I hear one screeching in the woods next to our house. This one made up a fine chorus of notes tonight. Got all the neighborhood dogs to singing and talking about it for blocks all around us. I think our guys are used to it because they gave a half-hearted couple of barks and then trampled over to me, as I listened intently on the steps, demanding my attention.

It’s fitting that my day would end with a Screech Owl letting us know all about it because my morning began with a dear friend of mine calling me from New York as I got ready to set out on a long walk. The net-net of our talk was about how grateful we are to have each other and other friends like us who get enthusiastic about what we’re up to , give us wild support with encouragement and a listening ear. We both realized how important those people who encouraged and celebrated our creativity was in our lives and how much their spark of excitement kept us moving forward. We both are finding ways in our lives to be a spark of excitement for others and also ourselves.

Today a friend of mine posted a You Tube Video of Janelle Monae http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwnefUaKCbc and I’ve been playing it over and over and watching all their dance moves. I love the rythm and the beat of the music but even more so is the fun that Janelle and her fellow dancers seem to be having. We need to be celebrating more examples of people having fun with their creativity. Music just happens to be one way that I can instantly join with the musician’s enthusiasm, but there are many, many other ways as well. After listening to my husband grumble and mumble to myself all morning, he was thrilled when he created a new app for his IPAD.

Most of us are out here screeching for everyone, or at least someone, to notice us. Who out there do you know, maybe even yourself, who has a great idea that they want to make real? I think we need to make more of an effort to be the spark to get someone going in the direction of their dreams even if, to you, their dreams seem ridiculously fantastically insane!! As long as they’re not going to cause harm to anyone, what is the best that could happen by giving them support?

My dreams as of this posting are: write and publish a book next year, get picked up by the networks as a talk show host on the air and have the talk show that I’m working on right now get picked up by t.v. for the new Spring 2011 season.

What are your dreams? What have you always wanted to do but needed the support behind you to keep you going?

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