DINK #130 Finding Treasures Within The Moments

Posted on : 31-07-2010 | By : Lynn | In : Uncategorized


I relished all of the perfect moments in today from sleeping in just a little bit late and reading every inch of the Sunday paper while drinking a delicious cup of coffee. In the late morning, I sat outside to meditate and listened to the sounds of thousands (okay…maybe hundreds) of cicadas breeping to each other in the trees. And if those moments weren’t good enough, I took a mile long swim at noon which is my most favorite time to swim because the sun is high overhead and all the rays break up into water fractals that lull me into a trance.

In the late afternoon, David and I went to see the 3-D version of “Despicable Me’…eh. It was okay. We realized that since we’ve known each other we have probably gone to see at least 500 movies in the theaters and perhaps another 500 in other ways. I’m grateful that we’re both quirky movie lovers. Especially when David has the same impetus to dance to the Master Theater theme song that began every episode of the British 5-part series, “Collision”. I think I looked forward to his dance as much as each episode.

This evening I spent a good long time loving on the beautiful grey bobby cat, “Greybar” who has claimed me as his mom. Our female cats don’t want anything to do with him so he has to fend for himself and find shelter in the buildings around our property but he doesn’t have any scratches our wounds on him, so he must be doing something right. He must have felt like he got enough attention tonight because he didn’t grab at my ankles from underneath the car as I walked back into the house.

Life is a series of moments. Some are beautiful, some are tragic and some just are moments. Isn’t it wonderful when we can recognize and enjoy the good moments in our life as they are happening instead of waiting for the one perfect moment in the future? Then when you get to the future, you pine away those present moments for the past moments that you didn’t recognize and enjoy?! If you read this post on Sunday night (tonight) 7/25/10 please go out and look at the moon. It is a big ole gold moon and is quite beautiful. When I was loving on Greybar, I heard some people having a really big spat several streets over (voices can carry in the country quite well!) and I sent them prayers and was thankful that David and I don’t fight like that anymore. Instead, I went inside and collected him from the study to walk with me on the back patio and surprised him with the big gold moon.

Moments people, these are your moments. Take it all in and enjoy your moments.

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