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I like to tell people today that in today’s communications for most women my age (and I gotta tell you, quite a lot of men too!) it takes a village to convey a thought. Luckily, I have a quite a few women friends who have known me for awhile and are very intuitive so usually when I start out with a thought if i lose the words for it in mid-stream, someone around me will either intuitively “know” what I am trying to say or several people will jump in with words and conjunction function so a thought can be completed.

Not to get lazy or anything, but the village concept does help!

So does charade communications.

Charade communications come in handy for those times that you have either run out of the herbs that help your preceptors receive or you happen to be with someone(s) who doesn’t know you that well so they can’t anticipate your thoughts. With charade communications the rules are pretty simple since mostly anything goes if the thought has been communicated, received and understood; however, a good rule of thumb is to keep it simple. When using charade communications, fill in the prepositions first and then the pronouns (a, the, or, of, he, she, it, we, us) then move into the verbs since you can fairly easily act those outs. And just like in regular charades, use your tools like “sounds like” — pulling your ear–or breaking the word into syllables (2 syllables, 3, etc.).

For advanced level charade communicators (usually those who are intuitive) this is where you can really use your intuitive skills both ways (communicating or receiving) by sending your thoughts in very clear word pictures to the receivers or to pick up a senders thoughts in pictures. Everyone will be so focused on helping you (or whomever is communicating) to get their thoughts across that they won’t notice (usually) that you have used your bewitching powers.

We have been inundated with so many forms of communications over the last ten years that you cannot tell me that it isn’t effecting us all in some way, great or small. Sometimes I feel like my thoughts slide apart like my Palm Pre when I want to remove a note or expand an application with a simple sweeping of my hand. These thoughts moving to opposite portions of my brain like magnets repelling each other which makes it very difficult to pull them together to communicate one cohesive thought to someone else. At least today I have something visual that I can direct people to in order to show them what happens to me and my brain. A Google Brain is a very apt description for times like these.

So the next time you find your synapses gliding apart in opposite directions, remember about charade communications and know that all is not lost. You can communicate what you need to, you just need to bring in all aspects of your communication abilities.

Small short word sounding like the little buzzing thing that flies around and sometimes stings—-small short word that begins with an a—small short work acted out by expanding your arms like you want to hug everything at once—small short word meaning not out but——small word that sounds like fist—long word two syllables first one sounds like the number two, second syllable kind of sounds like the motion of someone picking up a bunch of flowers and putting them into a basket!!! (We are all in this together!!!

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