Blog #59 Knowing That We are all “That” and the Bag of Chips!

Posted on : 19-05-2010 | By : Lynn | In : Uncategorized


One of my favorite dreams that I have every now and then is where I am with a group of people and there’s a whole bunch of activity going on and all of a sudden I jump up and fly, hovering just above everyone’s heads. I love it because the people in the dream are always absolutely amazed that I can fly. I also have a similar version of this dream only I open my mouth and let out pure sound that stops everything and everyone in its tracks.

Yes, I’m sure Carl Jung has some kind of interpretation for this kind of dream. But the reason I’m blogging about it today is because I believe all of us have that one special gift that nobody else has that we can share with the world. There is a belief that I heard awhile back (but can’t recall the source) that says that each of us is like one pure note and all of us together make up a song. Without the pure note that makes up you, our song goes flat.

I would still love it if at some point in my incarnation of spirit I get to fly but until that time may come, I want to learn how to let out what it is that I have to offer right now. The trick is to know when we are experiencing our gift and to recognize it and be grateful for it. I suspect that clues that can help us along the way reside in such things as when we feel blissful and when we get into the “zone” of our being and time seems to effortlessly lapse. I’ve heard this referred to as being in our genius.

How does your genius show up? Really!! I’m serious about this. When, where, what is going on when your genius is fully engaged.

Then we can fully know that we are definitely “ALL THAT” and the bag of chips and the pickle that goes with it!

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