Blog #47 Still in My Comfy Clothes Late Into the Day!

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I really respect writers who are able to take an every day kind of an event and turn it into something that most people can relate to, if not resemble. I call myself a writer, though not too loudly, and have written many blogs and expository pieces, poetry and even a short fictional story now and then but have never attempted to compile all my stuff together to have it published. My block today is how in the world can I make something interesting for others to read and connect about when it comes to a lazy, hazy sunny spring day when I’m still in my comfy clothes at 4:30pm?!

I probably need to pull down my copy of “the War of Art” by Steven Pressfield (break through the blocks and win your inner creative battles). It really is an excellent book for any writer or writer-wanna-be out there.

One of my blocks about culling through my pieces of writing to compile a book is what on this good green planet could I possibly have to share within a book that others have not already written and published?! It gets better, I’m very, very good at stalling. Another block is money. I would like to work with an editor to help me cull through my stuff and hold my feet to the fire with revisions and deadlines. I know there are tons of books out there about this, I have several writer friends who are well published but I drag my feet when it comes to compiling and publishing my own work. This, this gristle, this grime is the stuff that writers have been aching and drinking and drugging and sleeping about for years and years and years. I get it that I have not invented a new block here! Yet, here I sit with my blocks. Wanna play?

What is different today is that I am exposing these blocks and letting you all know about them. Kind of like exposing the boogy man in a nightmare using lucid dreaming techniques (google Carl Jung). I seem to like to rise to challenges so what I’m learning through this every-day-blogging process is being willing to expose more of my own bullshit and dreams. Who knows, maybe it will be helpful to one of y’all. I sure hope so. I sure hope you can find some gems in the middle of all of this. There’s got to be some sparklers in here somewhere. I can believe of the possibilities for you, it’s just really hard for me to believe it for myself sometimes.

Anyway, real people sometimes find themselves still needing to go take a shower after a whole day of rest and relaxation on a Sunday. It’s a good thing. I took the Paul dog for a long walk and saw all kinds of butterflies all over our neighborhood. I have studied and studied, even out by our sparkling pool. David woke up from his nap and came outside to water the flowers and plants and noticed that our little owl was hanging out in his house. I like the thought of the little owl hanging out in the tree right beside me as I studied about Modernism and Post Modernistic art somehow that feels especially befitting.

What I’m realizing through this process of daily blogging is that I am forcing myself to go deeper and deeper and to hold myself accountable. And gosh darn it if I’m not raising the bar up bit by bit for myself in the process. How does that happen?! I’ve even found my mind taking a look at thoughts and beliefs that I’ve shuffled around with for years and coming out with a whole bunch of new perceptions and reasons behind them. Hmmm. Maybe this is stuff I’ll be writing about in the coming days. Maybe my realizations will help you find yours or at least give you some comfort. That would make me happy.

So, I’m off to get cleaned up finally and then dip back into this fabulously enjoyable day. Thanks for being out there and thanks for helping me wake up a little more each day.

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