Blog #44 Day Dreaming, Day Tripping…It’s a Good Thing To Do Now and Then

Posted on : 04-05-2010 | By : Lynn | In : Uncategorized

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I’ve always loved watching the sky no matter what time of the day or what the weather is like. People assign all kinds of definitions and acronyms to this tendency to watch the sky from day dreaming to day tripping to ADHD. I must have it all. Today was no exception as I took my morning walk and watched the big cumulus clouds roll by. They were moving especially fast this morning (20 knots? I don’t know!) with the sun peaking in between them every now and again. The sky was littered with buzzards soaring on the wind currents. It looked like they were just up there having fun and not at all interested in spotting carrion.

I’ve heard it said that creative people need plenty of “down time” to re-charge their batteries. I’m not exactly sure what takes place within the creative part of our brains, but I’m pretty sure it comes close to regenerating. There have been countless studies about this and I know it to be true. And to think of all the years I used to get in trouble during class because of staring mindlessly out the window!!

Clouds may be a good vehicle to take your mind on a little trip from your worries and responsibilities because I’ve noticed after about ten minutes or so of watching them, your brain becomes sort of hypnotized (similar to rubbing a lizard’s belly) and gives up the notion of worry. But I can get that same kind of peace laying outside on our old diving board watching the stars all across the sky. It won’t take too long for you to spot a satellite or a plane or maybe even a shooting star if you’re far enough away from the light pollution of the city. Just follow that object for awhile as it makes its way across the sky and see if you don’t notice your shoulders and back beginning to shed their tension.

We had a bulletin board in our first grade class that had a clown (can you believe that choice?!?) who was holding three balloons that said, “Look, Listen, and Learn”. Maybe watching the sky and letting yourself unwind can be a new way for you to look, listen and learn from a whole other part of yourself.

Try it. I’m going to go do some more sky watching myself now…..

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