Blog #37 Writing for the Rest of Us!

Posted on : 27-04-2010 | By : Lynn | In : Uncategorized



One thing I’m learning about committing to blogging 100 blogs in 100 days is I’ve got to keep digging deeper and getting more real and more honest about who I am and where I’m coming from so that, hopefully, someone reading these blogs can find some experience, strength and hope. That’s just the way I roll these days. Can’t stomach the bullshit much anymore.

There’s a saying that I like that says “you gotta walk your talk”. These days, I’m realizing that I am paying closer attention to that than ever. I think I had to get to a place where my faith in something bigger than me was bigger than my fear of being out here all alone.

One of my realizations today is that I am so in here doing this life thing with so many other people. I want to educate myself as best as I can about what is really going on in our world today not just from a micro “me” perspective, but from a macro “us” perspective. Part of that macro is what is going on in my home country of the United States with a large percentage of us baby boomer’s having to retire early and/or find another job to bring in income to provide a roof over our heads. I’ve always held this belief that you can do what you love to do for your work but I’m in the process of revising that belief to be more that we can find a way to love what we do no matter what we are doing. I’m thinking that might be a kinder and gentler way for us to maneuver these times of our lives right now instead of becoming frustrated that we can’t figure out a way to get paid to do what we love to do. Not everyone can. Not everyone is equipped.

Take my coaching. I am a certified Coach who has been coaching since 2001. I love to coach, but I don’t love coaching just anyone. Kind of puts a crux in the process of attracting coaching clients when you’re not open to coaching any and every one who comes across your path. What is happening is that the kind of people that I enjoy coaching, who are people that can get right to the coaching process and create a plan for themselves, are coming to me. But not enough, yet, to make a living at coaching and I’ve got to say that it has occurred to me that perhaps the amount of coaching I do is perfect for the kind of coaching I give.

For over a year now, I’ve been working at a 20 hour a week job that, as my husband likes to say, “keeps me in my Starbucks.” It’s not what I’m best at doing, it certainly doesn’t pay much but it has removed the burden of having to make something I love into something I don’t love because of the endless fervor of having to do more than enough to make ends meet. And boy have I learned a lot about myself over this year, like what I do like to do and what I don’t like to do and that I’m not what I do! Say What?!

So if anyone reading this can resonate with even a little of this, I’m glad. I want you to know that you are not the only one out there figuring out your life and what to do with yourself and how to maintain your sanity much less find some joy! There are so many people who have figured out how to be successful and I’m really happy that they have because it gives me hope for what may be possible for us.

In the meantime, keep on keeping on and perhaps along the way you’ll stumble along someone like myself who is writing for the rest of us!

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