Blog #30 Look at My Phalanges! Look at My Phalanges!

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My husband and I are hooked on “Bones”, the television series about Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan the forensic anthropologist and her cohorts. Bones is a beautiful genius who sees and interprets life very differently from the average bear.

Take for instance, the episode when she and her partner “Booth” find a live baby at a crime scene and take care of it over the period of time it takes to find out who the baby’s mother was and who has legal responsibility for the little man. You have to watch at least a few of the shows to understand the nuances of Bones’ character but suffice it to say that she is not a woman who is naturally comfortable with other people, much less a baby. In this episode, however, she does become drawn to the little guy and there is a scene where we come up on Bones trying to appease the baby by dangling her fingers in front of him and saying, “look at my phalanges, look at my phalanges” while the baby giggles with delight.

So not that I think that I’m a genius but I can sure understand the quirkiness of Bones. Maybe most of us can admit to feeling like we’re a bit different from everyone else in our own little unique way. And that’s what makes us special, that quirky unique part of us.

Going back to school has really forced me to slip inside of my skin and really revel in my uniqueness, let me tell you! I’m also figuring out why it is that I have not become a multi-millionaire yet as a Professional Coach. I realize that I don’t want to coach just anybody. And so, for me, the coaching clients who I want to attract are those people who I will have a conversation with one person at a time. I feel good about that today now that I understand that my approach and intention for coaching is different than many others. In the meantime, I get to figure out how else to put bread on the table!

I also realize that the way I want to write for others is different than has been suggested for me to do as well. When I tried to blog in a “professional” manner that would attract the attention of new clients I immediately became stiff and bored as hell with myself so that I was unable to keep on blogging. Now, maybe some people will not be interested in the way that I put my message out there but I’m hearing from many who say they connect with what I’m writing. Que Cera Cera!

What about you? If the Earth is like a big organism and we are all tiny cells than it seems that would mean that there would be other cells just like us who would be attracted to us, right? I don’t know about you, but I am always happy to know people who know who they really are. Some of my friends on FB are so quirky and hilarious and wonderful that it just makes my heart feel so grateful for each of them. One of my friends, Charon, posted a status update the other day with an article about some scientists who had figured out how to make fuel for cars out of feces. You’d have to know Charon and her sense of humor to understand how hilarious this posting was on so many levels besides being a pretty keuhl idea for fuel.

There are so many of you guys who just crack me up on a regular basis and I know that cracking someone up doesn’t necessarily assure a roof over your head (unless your a professional comedian) but I do think that making others laugh when you’re coming from a comfortable place of being who you are and relating in a moment is some of the best medicine we have available to us.

After all, even Bones was able to make a little baby giggle with delight when she used her own words in a high pitched voice that he could understand!

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