Blog #40 On Your Feet!

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Thanks to our good friend, Julie Wauchope, David and I attended the 3rd Annual On Your Feet International Music & Dance Fundraiser benefiting Casa Marianella which offers shelter to international refugees (

Wow! How much fun! Made me want to learn how to dance all kinds of different ways. I even (finally) got to see some Bollywood song and dance which I definitely want to ask some of my Indian friends if I interpreted some of the scenes correctly. One of my friends was asking if the characters ever kissed, and I told her no, that would definitely be a disgrace to kiss on film (I think I have that right)…but the sensuousness of the almost kiss-ness is very hot if you ask me! There was one song/dance number that was performed on a moving train that I loved. The last clip we saw was a guy and a girl and a war torn country. I was imagining that perhaps she was a Christian or Muslim from Pakistan and he was Hindi from India? I don’t know because of course I don’t know the language they sang. Curious though.

We saw the Capoeira Evolucao and the Fuerza Latina Dance Company and Blue Lapis Light. We also saw Olivia Chacon with Baile Flamenco. I think it was the Capoeira Evolulcao who had a fleet of dancer doing a dance that combined martial art ballet (Jujitsu?) which was very impressive moves combining lots of legs flying up and over heads and handstands and back bends. The Fuerza Latina Dance Company looked like a combination of Spanish and Indian dancing–would love to move my hands like that. And of course, Blue Lapis Light is very impressive ( One of the friends who was with us had taken a dance class with Blue Lapis and said that it is much harder than it looks. Well, climbing up hanging pieces of material from the ceiling and wrapping it around your feet and hands and various body parts to make graceful and elegant movements look effortless, did not look very easy to me!

There was a silent auction also taking place during the event, but we did not participate in that (though I hope our $25 tickets will help somewhat). On the inside cover of the program it says that, “Casa Marianella, the shelter, opened it’s doors on January 6, 1986. The Austin Interfaith Task Force for Central America initiated the project in response to the arrival of refugees fleeing from Central America. Marianella Garcia Villas, for who the house is named was a human rights lawyer in El Salvador who was slain by death squads in 1983. Casa Marianella has served guests from Mexico, Somalia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Peru, Guatemala, Sudan, Eritrea, Tunisia, Cuba, Albania, El Salvador, Ghana, The Ivory Coast, Colombia, Nepal, Romania, Costa Rica, Brazil, Cameroon and Bosnia.


What a great way to bring our attention to the needs of the refugees from other countries that we could be ignorant of our whole lifetime. I was very inspired by the dance and music and am contemplating taking one of the many dance lessons offered…..we’ll see, we’ll see.

In the meantime, if you live in Austin, please do check into this event (and upcoming events) for next year as well as look into Casa Marianella. If you don’t live in Austin, nose around in your communities and see what similar kinds of events may be going on in your neck of the woods and if you can’t find any….hmmmm…maybe you can create one!

Blog #39 Hip Hop and It Don’t Stop!

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The Hip Hop Congress of Texas State University held a Hip Hop Dance, Rap, etc. contest to “Edutain” this past Wednesday and guess who sat amongst the contestants while they were waiting to try out?

No, I didn’t perform but I did go to my favorite table in the LBJ Student Center to eat my dinner and study and found myself right in the pathway of people setting up for tryouts for the Edutainment and rappers sitting around

out their feelings for the day
with a swing
and a salute
and anything that’d lay

Anyway, it was fun. No one seemed to mind my sitting there minding my own business. There were two guys sitting at a table a little ways from me and one guy was rapping his heart out and had such a good “rhydum” that some of the competitors at another table started swaying to the beat he made in spite of themselves. In fact, I’d guess that most of us sitting near him were moving some part of our bodies to his rhyme. I loved watching his face too because he had joy and expression and power as he said what he needed to say.

Maybe it’s a good thing that I’ve returned to school after such a long time because I’m not as sensitive as I used to be about where I should be or not. I go where it feels right. I think there is an inner rapper in me. I’d sure like to learn how to do it. I love listening and watching the Def Jam poets.

I just hope I can learn this stuff before I become a caricature of myself like the little old man who would break dance in the Six Flags Over Texas commercial. Remember him? Just, God, please let me be able to keep a beat to the rhythm of the words from my heart.

What about you? What is inside of you that you’ve always wanted to try but didn’t give yourself permission to do?


Blog #38 Having Arrived

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My Dad used to (well, actually still does) squint his eye and grin at us kids and say, “the day you stop learning is the day you die” and I’m coming around to seeing that he sure is right. I think somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind stuffed away in a pocket closet that I’d forgotten about long ago is the belief that someday, somehow I would “arrive” and I never stopped to question that belief too much in regards to the specifics. Like what clues to look for so that I would know that I had arrived.

I’m coming around to realizing that the “arrived” part is a moving target. That the minute I may think I’ve almost arrived, something always shifts and moves the arrive bull’s eye. And I think the moving bull’s eye is what keeps life interesting for me. I have always said that I want to always remain “teachable” and as some of my 12-step brethren say, “be careful what you ask for, you just may get it”!

Another thing I’ve realized is that there have been many times in my life when I have been in the act of arriving, and I defined it as something else besides having arrived because it didn’t fit the definitions I had at the time for having arrived. Now, looking back, I know I’ve had some pretty divine and sublime moments in life. One of my favorite movies is “Powder” ( which came out in 1995 and starred Jeff Goldblum. It was about this young guy who’d been born from a mom who’d been struck and killed by lightening. As a result, “Powder” was completely white and also had extraordinary psychic abilities. The whole movie was great like the scene where Powder and Jeff Goldblum come across a hunter who has just shot a deer who is dying a slow death and Powder calmly walks up to the deer and sooths it and grabs the hunters hand while touching the deer to pass along what the deer was experiencing to the hunter. But the scene I loved the most was at the very end when Powder is absorbed back into the ethers from a field during a lightening storm. I loved it for many reasons, but mostly because of the way Jeff responded. He was crying and laughing and amazed. The way Jeff showed how he was experiencing what I interpreted as the “divine” is the way I define “arriving” today.

It really doesn’t matter how beautiful our home is, though that is nice; nor how fun our cars are, though that is nice too; nor how famous and well known we become because in the end, I hope that we’ll be able to plug into some of our memories of life and say, “Dagnabit, I had one helluva great ride”. That’s what it is all about to have had such intensely rich experiences in life that we’ve not known whether to laugh or cry or a combination of both. That’s really living.

Today I worked ten hours at my part time job and made zest out of every lemon that came from me or someone else. I came home to my outdoor cats running up to me to say, “hello” and get some loving and Reality (the black Lab) rolling on her back on the living room rug in contentment as her Dad watched his show. Right now the black cat Rosie, is purring up a storm on my desk and the Paul-Paul dog is laying just about as close as he can safely lay up next to my desk chair without the wheel biting his tail. Today, I think I’ll take this as being good enough.

Today, I accept that somewhere in the universe of my mind…I am arriving….

Blog #37 Writing for the Rest of Us!

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One thing I’m learning about committing to blogging 100 blogs in 100 days is I’ve got to keep digging deeper and getting more real and more honest about who I am and where I’m coming from so that, hopefully, someone reading these blogs can find some experience, strength and hope. That’s just the way I roll these days. Can’t stomach the bullshit much anymore.

There’s a saying that I like that says “you gotta walk your talk”. These days, I’m realizing that I am paying closer attention to that than ever. I think I had to get to a place where my faith in something bigger than me was bigger than my fear of being out here all alone.

One of my realizations today is that I am so in here doing this life thing with so many other people. I want to educate myself as best as I can about what is really going on in our world today not just from a micro “me” perspective, but from a macro “us” perspective. Part of that macro is what is going on in my home country of the United States with a large percentage of us baby boomer’s having to retire early and/or find another job to bring in income to provide a roof over our heads. I’ve always held this belief that you can do what you love to do for your work but I’m in the process of revising that belief to be more that we can find a way to love what we do no matter what we are doing. I’m thinking that might be a kinder and gentler way for us to maneuver these times of our lives right now instead of becoming frustrated that we can’t figure out a way to get paid to do what we love to do. Not everyone can. Not everyone is equipped.

Take my coaching. I am a certified Coach who has been coaching since 2001. I love to coach, but I don’t love coaching just anyone. Kind of puts a crux in the process of attracting coaching clients when you’re not open to coaching any and every one who comes across your path. What is happening is that the kind of people that I enjoy coaching, who are people that can get right to the coaching process and create a plan for themselves, are coming to me. But not enough, yet, to make a living at coaching and I’ve got to say that it has occurred to me that perhaps the amount of coaching I do is perfect for the kind of coaching I give.

For over a year now, I’ve been working at a 20 hour a week job that, as my husband likes to say, “keeps me in my Starbucks.” It’s not what I’m best at doing, it certainly doesn’t pay much but it has removed the burden of having to make something I love into something I don’t love because of the endless fervor of having to do more than enough to make ends meet. And boy have I learned a lot about myself over this year, like what I do like to do and what I don’t like to do and that I’m not what I do! Say What?!

So if anyone reading this can resonate with even a little of this, I’m glad. I want you to know that you are not the only one out there figuring out your life and what to do with yourself and how to maintain your sanity much less find some joy! There are so many people who have figured out how to be successful and I’m really happy that they have because it gives me hope for what may be possible for us.

In the meantime, keep on keeping on and perhaps along the way you’ll stumble along someone like myself who is writing for the rest of us!

Blog #36 Another Yellow Woman Story

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As told by a part English, part Scotch, questionable Apache, questionable Northern European woman….

This week, our American Literature class read “Yellow Woman” by Leslie Marmon Silko. In this story, “Silko also explores the nature and function of storytelling, which in Laguna (Pueblo) culture, she has observed, is “a whole way of seeing yourself, the people around you, your life, the place in the bigger context, not just in term of nature and location but in termsof what has gone before, what’s happened to other people. It’s a whole way of being”. L. Silko – Storytller (1981).

“Many stories about the Kochininako, Yellow Woman, a powerful female figure, are always told from her point of view, and are part of the Laguna and Acoma Pueblo cultures of New Mexico.” The Bedford Anthology of American Literature Vol II, P.1474, 2008.

As I understand the basic cosmology of the Pueblo people, it is the belief that life (humans, plants, animals, rock, water, etc.) are an interdependent web of all existence and that nothing and no one exists in isolation. You’ve probably heard the saying about how a butterfly flapping its wing on one side of the planet can cause a sunami on the opposite side. We are all connected in other words.

In the Pueblo tradition of the Yellow Woman, she is usually either kidnapped or runsaway with a man/spirit and usually has some task that she has to do and always returns with something to benefit the tribe. Our Prof explained today that some of the common elements of the Yellow Woman stories are that the woman always goes away with another male figure (not her husband) moves somewhere else and mediates this movement between two worlds which brings about change and renewed balance to the Pueblo people. I should add that Pueblo people are one kind of Native American peoples who have never been displaced (as told by this Professor).

It would be easy for me, a white middle-aged, middle class woman, to interpret this story in a way that Leslie Silko did not mean (or at least I don’t believe that was her intent in this story) and that would be of a new mom with a husband who is living with her mother and anxious to get away who falls into the waiting arms of “another man”. The way the story is written, there is a sensual element woven throughout in her description of the Katsina Spirit (mountain spirit man) who she “wakes up” with near the river at the beginning of the story, after an apparent night of love making. But when the woman tries to recall the evening, all she can remember was him all around her–not the specifics (and I don’t know about you, but I usually have no problem recalling the specifics…).

I too believe that we are all connected and that what one of us does affects/effects others in ways we may know or never know. I also believe that when we humans can move beyond the reptilian portion of our brain’s interpretation of sex, we can move into the overall sensousness of all that we are connected to that is around and within us.

There have been times in my life that I have felt the sun on my face and the wind in my hair and the ground under my feet with such intense feeling that I have felt as if I could disappear into an infinite number of dots in the sky and just become one with all that is. I know I’ve felt this running along the Netanya, shoreline in Israel. But, I’ve also felt overpowered by the sheer beauty of our own backyard in the early morning hours when the birds are all first waking up and establishing territories, or swimming laps mid-day and becoming hypnotized by the sun sparkling on the waves in the pool to the expansive night sky with the breeze moving the Cottonwood Tree’s leaves. It’s times like this that I go lay out on our diving board and just gaze up into the sky with gratitude for this feeling and my arms wide open.

I’ve had the other kind of Yellow Woman story too, the one where that I used to have a lot about year five or six of my marriage, where I would shuck everything and run away to New Mexico. For some reason, it was always New Mexico and I’d always get a job as a waitress (?!?!) and look like Flo wearing a polyester pastel pink or blue uniform with a pencil stuck behind my ear and cattail glasses. Don’t ask, I think my fantasizer is broken… But I digress, I think this kind of Yellow Woman story is really just the beginning before maturing into what is truly a Yellow Woman story that can benefit all.

What Yellow Woman stories do you know of and pass on for others to learn by?

Blog #35 Catching Nature When and Where You Can

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I have a theory that my Higher Power, who I choose to call GOD, sends me “postcards” throughout the day to remind me that he/it/she is there and divinity is all around.

Sometimes it is easy to get so caught up in my life and work and school that I can forget about what is truly important. The Divine. These postcards must also come in zip file form too because I have memories of sunrises, sunsets and evening skies that I can pull up at any time. There was an evening not too long ago when I was coming home from Dripping Springs at about 7pm at night and the moon was so bright that there were moon shadows dancing everywhere. As I drove around the big bend towards Oak Hill, the biggest, fullest most round moon that I can recall rose over the hill to usher my car home. It felt magical, like something was a stir and that I should be paying attention.

I like to catch nature when and where I can and most especially in unexpected moments like tonight driving home at about 7:30 and watching the Boat Tail Grackles flying in pairs across 290 and back again like members of an aviary Cirque de Soleil . I wonder what they were up to? Those birds always seem to be in mid-conversation and have me convinced that they feel their business is just as all important as we humans seem to think about ours.

I’m noticing the new bands of wildflowers coming up now with the Bluebonnet old guard readying itself to turn over its seed for next year. All kinds of yellow flowers in all shapes and sizes. Lot’s of pinks and Scarlett ones too this year. And the wet weather creeks behind our house continues to run steadily on through our neighborhood and beyond. It is a comforting sound to hear the running water. It’s a happy sound that makes my heart want to settle down.

And don’t get me started about all the smells. The smell of freshly mowed lawns and the blossoms of China Berry trees. Who knew that those old trees could put off such an intoxicating scent? The birds in our neighborhood our just about besides themselves with ecstasy with all the rain we’ve been having. I listened to a red headed Woodpecker breeping at the top of his lungs today as he scooted around a wooden pole tapping out bugs with his beak and eyeballing Paul and I as we walked past below.

I’ve caught nature in the most amazing places and at unexpected times so I know you can too. Even if you live in the middle of Manhattan, you can find nature all around you if you will just move your antennae a bit to catch it unawares. I’m grateful to live in a city where it is possible to have a small piece of paradise not too far out from activities but just enough so that I can really enjoy what is here. Where else would I have learned that Box Turtles actually get pretty dang big? I “met” two such turtles last year at different times after it rained slumping through our yard or trying to cross the street to attend some important meeting I’m sure.

I have pondered the schedule of the Red Tail Hawks who act as centennials along Mopac Expressway and wondered how many families of Buzzards live together on the big electrical stand along 360. It’s a disconcerting feeling to look up from slow moving traffic to observe nature taking place all around us and then to return to the perspective of stalled anticipation. Let me go roll on a grassy hill any day and ponder the shapes of the clouds, I’ll take that over office politics or gossip or frantic deadlines.

Even if you just take a moment to watch a bird in flight or a bug crawl across the windowsill try to catch nature when and where you can, it’s good for the soul!

Blog #34 When Life Gives You Lemons….Juggle!

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Sometimes I’m just so dang cute with my naivety and ignorance that I just wanna pinch myself. Take today for instance. I’d seen postings for several positions with the local campus radio station last week and jumped on the band wagon pronto-like. I took care to contact the station manager directly to see if they really–REALLY–really would consider a Non-Traditional Student such as myself. You know…old enough to be their mother kind of a non-traditional student! We had a great little exchange of emails and I was encouraged to submit my resume and apply…so I did.

I even tapped out a witty letter with my resume and application explaining in a new way why I was experienced and they should want me and some of the wonderful things that I could do to help them.

I began planning for David and my future with all the extra money I’d be making doing something that I really loved. Today when I went in for my interview, I took great pains to wear professional clothes with a bit of attitude to them and my hair behaved even though the air was pregnant with moisture. I liked the way the offices “felt” and the people that I saw running in and out. During the first fifteen minutes of the interview, I felt confident and like I’d want to hire someone like me if I was interviewing me all the way until the coup de grace….when we began discussing the hours I could work, etc.. I explained about the classes I was taking, my part time job, writing, web radio interviewing etc. and somehow brought up the discussion of money which was when the gal said, “oh you realize that ALL these positions are volunteer don’t you?” Which of course I nodded my head and kept listening to her talking about the work that needed to be done.

If I was a cartoon character, my body would have frozen in mid-air and then shattered and nothing would have remained but my Cheshire grin smile. Finding out the job was not paid and having to act like it didn’t matter and that I was still really interested felt the same as if I’d finally been asked to coffee with a guy that I had a really big crush on only to learn that he was either married or only thought of me as a real good friend or was gay and I had to act like I was on board with his reality too!

But you know, I think all my years of meditating and learning and asking for wisdom and guidance came through because I found myself stepping up to the plate and when she asked me which jobs I’d be most interested in and began telling me further details about the volunteer positions, I juggled…..I suggested to her that she consider taking advantage of my experience and years in the business world and my nine years of coaching experience. That I’d be a really good person for her, as Promotions Director, to bounce ideas off of and use as a sounding board. I could certainly do that and I believe I would enjoy helping her. Besides, if I could get a half an hour time slot to put on my own interviewing/talk show using their board, it would be well worth any effort on my part.

So my friends, take a tip from me…when life hands you lemons….learn how to juggle them up in the air round and round till you regain your composure and can toss ’em up and behind your back and catch them in mid-flight and wing them around to your front again. It’s all how we look at things.

There’s just all kinds of things we can do with lemons!

Blog #33 A Gal Walks Into a Bar….

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One of the things I learned in recovery programs years ago is that when you’re drinking or smoking or doing any number of things to disassociate yourself from your present life you’re not able or willing to step out of the bar or get up off of the couch or turn away from your techno toys and do something.

A month or so ago I had an interesting phone conversation with Dr. Ron Glasser who is the best selling author of 365 days and Wounded: Vietnam to Iraq. Since his time serving as a medic during the Vietnam war, he has written books and spoken about what he has learned concerning the consequences of war from a medical perspective. Here’s an excerpt from his website:

“The Wounded Keep the Death Count Low The real “body count” of this war is not only our dead, but our wounded. The real risk to our troops is no longer the numbers of dead but the numbers ending up on orthopedic wards and neurosurgical units.”

I’m not sure how old Ron is, but my Dad was a pilot in Vietnam and he’s 77. Ron has been going at this for decades and he sounds tired and ready for someone to step up and grab the baton from him.

Likewise, in today’s American-Statesman there was a long article on Bill Moyers definite retirement from his show. One excerpt from this article jumped off the page at me:

“Moyers has devoted much of his life to the larger idea of an informed democracy. Yet he bows his head ever so slightly at the mention of Robert F. Kennedy’s intent, articulated in 1968, to have the major TV networks air a two-hour prime time documentary on American poverty if he were elected president. If the people knew, certainly we would act.” “I no longer believe that, by the way, he says softly. We have so much information. We know what’s wrong. The predicament is: We don’t do anything about it. That may be a factor in my decision to retire…..We’re saturated. There are more people who know than there are people who do. That’s a quandary I haven’t resolved yet. But it’s a fact.”

Bill Moyers is 77

These are just two examples of fathers of the Baby Boomer generation who have been working their butts off to help and inspire us in the world. I know, I know that many of us Baby Boomers have lost our jobs or been forced to retire early but I know that there are more than just a few of us who can step up to men (and women) like these, and take the baton to carry it forward.

What are you doing to make a difference in this world? Sitting on the bar stool and knocking down a few cold ones while waxing philosophical about what is wrong with the world or getting lost in the fog of from a bud and dreaming up another conspiracy plot is just not going to change things. For the past seven years, for example, I’ve been mentoring seven people who I speak with five times a week for fifteen minutes every morning. It may not seem like much, but it’s one little way that I can help others get on their feet and be a contributing member to the world.

Focus in on one person, place or thing that you can offer your own brand of help and guidance towards. Let’s acknowledge the people who have been blazing the trails before us and let them know that we appreciate the good works they have done and that we will take the load from here for them so that they will know their message has been received and heard.

It always comes back to you and us.

Blog #32 Don’t Forget Our Icelandic Brothers and Sisters!

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard on the news about the volcano in Iceland that erupted ( on Friday (April 16).

I’m glad that NPR is doing some coverage about the people of Iceland, because on most of the news stories all I seem to hear is only focused on the difficulties of air travel and major airports closing in England and Paris ( According to my mom, my step-father (who is a Geologist) spent some time in Iceland when he was working on his Ph.D. and really enjoyed the people he met there ( I did tell mom that it was probably because he was with his “peeps”….Dave is six foot something with red hair…sounds like he’s of viking origin to me?!

I just thought it was odd that the focus of most of the media was on how the volcano was effecting us or could affect us with little to no inclusion of the people who live there. It seems to me with the internet so accessible to many people that there is a responsibility for us to take more interest in the world around us. I’ve been hearing and reading many news stories lately about the quality of news and how it has diminished. Along with that there is the fear of the vehicle of news changing from paper to electronic and the further watering down of facts. Yet, here we are with the portals to the world at our fingertips and the ability to inform and help each other know what is going on.

No longer do we have to sit by like little apathetic children and let our news be spoon fed to us, we can take an active part in where we go to get our information. At the same time, we have to take care of ourselves and watch where and how we focus our energy so that we don’t overwhelm our senses with all that is going on that we can know about now.

Still, as weird as it seems to me…I feel connected to Iceland as well and I have no idea why. I really don’t like being cold, I’ve never visited there and it is way the heck on the other side of the universe from me but for some reason, I do feel a strong pull to know more about it. Especially now. Maybe it is because there is just enough Iceland DNA floating around in some of the friends that I’ve made here in the U.S., that I feel the connection. Whatever it is, I know when I get these hits to pay attention, I need to pay attention.

I do know that eventually the fine volcanic dust will settle and yield very rich soil for vegetation to grow. Until then however, we need to watch, listen and learn. All kinds of tectonic plates are shifting these days both on the material world and the spiritual one.

Let our hands be one that reaches out to help so that when we need to reach out for help…there is one to grasp ours.

Blog #30 Look at My Phalanges! Look at My Phalanges!

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My husband and I are hooked on “Bones”, the television series about Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan the forensic anthropologist and her cohorts. Bones is a beautiful genius who sees and interprets life very differently from the average bear.

Take for instance, the episode when she and her partner “Booth” find a live baby at a crime scene and take care of it over the period of time it takes to find out who the baby’s mother was and who has legal responsibility for the little man. You have to watch at least a few of the shows to understand the nuances of Bones’ character but suffice it to say that she is not a woman who is naturally comfortable with other people, much less a baby. In this episode, however, she does become drawn to the little guy and there is a scene where we come up on Bones trying to appease the baby by dangling her fingers in front of him and saying, “look at my phalanges, look at my phalanges” while the baby giggles with delight.

So not that I think that I’m a genius but I can sure understand the quirkiness of Bones. Maybe most of us can admit to feeling like we’re a bit different from everyone else in our own little unique way. And that’s what makes us special, that quirky unique part of us.

Going back to school has really forced me to slip inside of my skin and really revel in my uniqueness, let me tell you! I’m also figuring out why it is that I have not become a multi-millionaire yet as a Professional Coach. I realize that I don’t want to coach just anybody. And so, for me, the coaching clients who I want to attract are those people who I will have a conversation with one person at a time. I feel good about that today now that I understand that my approach and intention for coaching is different than many others. In the meantime, I get to figure out how else to put bread on the table!

I also realize that the way I want to write for others is different than has been suggested for me to do as well. When I tried to blog in a “professional” manner that would attract the attention of new clients I immediately became stiff and bored as hell with myself so that I was unable to keep on blogging. Now, maybe some people will not be interested in the way that I put my message out there but I’m hearing from many who say they connect with what I’m writing. Que Cera Cera!

What about you? If the Earth is like a big organism and we are all tiny cells than it seems that would mean that there would be other cells just like us who would be attracted to us, right? I don’t know about you, but I am always happy to know people who know who they really are. Some of my friends on FB are so quirky and hilarious and wonderful that it just makes my heart feel so grateful for each of them. One of my friends, Charon, posted a status update the other day with an article about some scientists who had figured out how to make fuel for cars out of feces. You’d have to know Charon and her sense of humor to understand how hilarious this posting was on so many levels besides being a pretty keuhl idea for fuel.

There are so many of you guys who just crack me up on a regular basis and I know that cracking someone up doesn’t necessarily assure a roof over your head (unless your a professional comedian) but I do think that making others laugh when you’re coming from a comfortable place of being who you are and relating in a moment is some of the best medicine we have available to us.

After all, even Bones was able to make a little baby giggle with delight when she used her own words in a high pitched voice that he could understand!