Going to the Places that “Feed” Us.

Posted on : 22-06-2009 | By : Lynn | In : Uncategorized


As I write this, I’m sitting at the counter watching our friend Steve cook up some fresh fish. My husband and friend Cindy are watching “Reno 911” and Crystal is washing plates for us to eat on while Ric is offering witty comments from the peanut gallery.

Meanwhile the ocean continues to wave on. David and I took an hour long walk on the beach today and saw a whole lotta different versions of sea gulls and cranes. I tried to find a friend from college’s beach house that used to be right off of Beach Road 2 but there is so much new development that I don’t know where to look. We had many good times in that house of hers. Tracy and her three sisters came from Goliad, Texas where we would always stop for a nite’s stay on the way to the beach for spring break. Their Dad was a Lone Star Beer distributor so the girls would always pile cases and cases of beer into Tracy’s old station wagon for our beach excursion. I could never keep up with their drinking without getting really sick. Lightweight that I was back then….now 32 years later and almost 19 years sober, I am still coming to the beach with friends and enjoying it so much. Most likely even more now that I can pay attention to everything going around me and the people that I am vacationing with.

Last night we played a mean game of Mexican Train Dominoes. I am holding out as the winner although we stopped at “3’s” and so we still have three more sets to go through before I can claim my official title as Mexican Train Dominoe Queen.

We listened to all kinds of good music that the guys had downloaded. Crystal and Ric love Herb Albert and the Tiquana Brass just as much as I do; however, Steve was chagrined. He kept telling us about the Muswell Hillbillies and then this morning clarified that this was what the Kinks were known by back before they were the Kinks. I liked the music.

This is good for me to get away and get back near the beach and to be in community with friends. Especially friends who make me laugh so hard that my cheeks were hurting last night.

I suspect that this kind of get away would be good for you as well. It’s always important and good to break away from our day-to-day routines of life and see life through a different set of eyes.

Have to go for now. We’re about to chow down on some fresh fish, roasted potatoes and squash and a big ole salad with garden fresh vegetables.

Where are you going next?

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