Things you can do while waiting for either wings to help you fly or ground for you to walk on:

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Here in the United States we are going through a collective consciousness raising that is none too comfortable for most of us.  Many of us have lost our jobs or are experiencing the fear of losing our jobs, many of us have lost our homes, and many of us are experiencing a shortage of customers/clients asking for our services. We need to take a collective big breath and know that the problem in front of us is never as great as the support behind us. We will be okay. We will come through this.

Here are five ideas we can consider to help ourselves:

1.                  Take a deep breath. In fact, slow down enough to take ten deep breaths allowing yourself time to inhale and exhale.  This will not only slow down your heart rate but give your brain time to assimilate what is going on and time for you to connect to the day that is in front of you.

2.                  Find at least three new things that you can be grateful for everyday. I’m serious, there is always something you can be grateful for and I believe that an attitude of gratitude helps you to see what is possible instead of what is not.

3.                  Take a moment to look around yourself right now. What is going on in your physical environment? What is going on inside of you mentally?  On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate the importance of what is going on?  How can you bring things down to a dull roar so that you can do what you need to do?

4.                  Are you willing to consider support from someone or someplace who can help you find an objective view point for the next best action step(s) you can take? IF so, who are they?  Are you willing to ask for the support you need?  If not, what is preventing you from moving forward and how can you remove that block?

5.                  Clean out a closet or drawer. I’m serious. Take every stitch of clothing out of your closet and create three piles: a.) what you love and have worn in the last six months; b.) what you haven’t worn in a year but can’t bear to part with and c.) What needs cleaning or mending?   Then sweep/vacuum/dust out your closet.  Put back only those items that you have worn and will likely wear again in the near future.  Think of a local charity or friend who would love some of those clothes that you haven’t worn in a while.  Take your clothes to the cleaner or tailor or hand wash them and sew them yourselves—do not put anything back into your closet that is not wearable today.   This is a really simple task, but it tends to help clear away the cobwebs in our brains so that we can think clearer. Seriously. Try it!

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