Laugh at the Voices in Your Head!

Posted on : 30-10-2008 | By : Lynn | In : Uncategorized


A good friend of mine and I were commiserating this week about growing older and how often we feel so differently than we actually look.  She and I both have naturally curly hair that we’ve crimped, curled, dyed and styled to look as good as it can.  Even with all that work on our outsides, it sometimes does not begin to penetrate the committee of voices inside our heads who say—in real life—we actually look very frumpy with our bubble hair-do’s and not as much like Catherine Denuvue as we would like to believe.

As an aside, my bubble-haired friend is an Architect who is known far and wide for scaling tall churches and buildings in her slight 5’5” 120 pound frame and I’m up to running 5 miles four times a week these days.  Bubble haired wimps be gone!

A great remedy that I have found, when dealing with the negative voices or frumpy visions in our head, is to laugh. Laugh like there is no tomorrow.  As my friend tried to describe her feelings to me of feeling like a “bubble-haired frump” the immediate vision I had in my head was a frame from Mad TV of Mo Collins who plays a character named “Lorraine”.  Now, all I have to do when the committee begins their rant about my frumpiness is to insert this video of Lorraine and laugh, laugh, laugh.

Hope you enjoy this as well

What can you laugh about today?

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