Shifting and Moving with the Changes

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Have you ever found yourself in the place of opportunities and changes all of a sudden and realized that you were not the great risk taker that you once thought you were?  Do you have a daily regime of meditation and connecting with your higher source to help light your path?  Do you ever wish as hard as you can on twilight’s first star for something very special to happen in your life but then what it happens, you’re not sure what to do next?

Welcome to my reality.                             More...

Ten years ago I was introduced to the wonderful world of Coaching by my good friend and (then) fellow Toastmaster, Martha Cary Sadler who encouraged me to attend a seminar hosted by another Toastmaster, Terrill Fisher who was in the process of learning how to become a Professional Executive Coach.  Long story short I pretty much fell into coaching hook, line and sinker. By 2001, I was enrolled in my first Coach Training Program at CoachU and coaching my first clients that same year as I continued to work as the associate partner for an IT consulting company in Austin, Texas.  Two years ago I left my cushy and comfy job at the IT company and embarked on a solo Coaching career. I also began blogging for a couple of different venues as well as guest hosting on a regular basis for a community radio program.

Over the last two years I’ve evolved to understanding and embracing just the kind of coach I am which is a Coach who works with movers and shakers who want to find more meaning in their lives, a Coach who loves working with people who allow intuition to move through and inform our sessions, a Coach who prefers working with people who have already done some “inner” work on themselves and are not afraid to embrace the unknown.

This evolution as a Coach has led me to the desire to return to school to complete my education and obtain an MSW.  Just like I coach my clients who are creating the career and life of their dreams, I have to take a hard look at what actions need to be put into place so that I can achieve my goals.  In addition to continuing coaching, one of the steps I want to put into place is to find a part time regular job (ideally in the human resource, recruiting and “people” arena) so that I can continue to focus on the great coaching clients who have been coaching with me for awhile and also school (and get off the continuous pr wheel for new clients!).
Talk about shifting and moving with the changes?!?! Wow!!  Returning to school and getting a part-time job are both huge mind shifts for me.  I wanted to share this with you guys in case one or more of you are in the same place.  I hope my experience during this time can give you hope for whatever dreams you may have in your life too, so that you know that you’re not alone and that creating the life you want can be done.

For those of you who have already accomplished this marvelous feat, I’d really love to hear from you!     Take a leap and dive into the water—your life is waiting!

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