Shifting and Moving with the Changes

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Have you ever found yourself in the place of opportunities and changes all of a sudden and realized that you were not the great risk taker that you once thought you were?  Do you have a daily regime of meditation and connecting with your higher source to help light your path?  Do you ever wish as hard as you can on twilight’s first star for something very special to happen in your life but then what it happens, you’re not sure what to do next?

The Acholi Initiative

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This Saturday was thoroughly wonderful in Austin Texas.  Not only was the weather beautiful (sunny and in the low seventies) but the Sixth Annual ACT Women & Girls Conference took place at St. Edward’s University with entertainers such as the incomparable Sara Hickman and the make-you-dance-in-the-aisles Djembabes.  The Keynote Speakers were environmentalist Robin Rather (looks just like her dad) and poet Jan Epton Seale along with her son editor, author and film maker Avrel Seale.  A good time was had by all.  The reason for the Conference is for the spiritual transformation of Women & Girls.  Another reason that I want to bring to light is one of the important service projects that ACT Women supports.  The following may be disturbing for some, so please be prepared.

AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Matthew Emmens and Beth Kephart co-authors of “Zenobia”

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I love this book, “Zenobia”.

The jacket of the book says, “This unusual book will move readers to take a fresh and fearless look at their own organizations and to remember that leadership is not determined by title or position. Rather, as the want ad Moira answers puts it, “Creative persistence a prerequisite. A desire for the extraordinary a must”.