Being Happy in the Hear and Now!

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I love what I just “got” out of a chapter from the book, “After the Ecstasy, the Laundry” by Jack Kornfield.  What I got is what we, of the spiritual seeking ilk, have been told ad-nausea and it is that the most important time is NOW.  But I “got” it in a way that makes me laugh both with and at myself simultaneously and to feel giddy. 

Re-teening Ourselves

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I know that’s not a good word, “re-teening” ourselves and it probrably isn’t even a real word found in Webster’s but I suspect after you read this article you’ll see why I came up with this title!

We never had children so at 49, I sometimes forget that I’m as old as I am (with no one around to remind me about what a dork I am…) and therefore can be found spontaneously dancing to an imaginary tune for a friend as we stand in line at the grocers or becoming really happy when I hear my friend Andy Hartsock sing this song which is really meant for kids but I can get away with it because, again, I don’t have teenagers reminding me to be seen (when they tell me) and not heard!!

Moving Outta Being Stuck!

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When it dawns on me that I’ve become focused on sweeping up every granule of cat litter strewn throughout our house resulting from our puppy’s prior smorgasbord, I know that I am in the process of getting myself unstuck. I prefer to see my actions this way rather than just plain ole procrastination.

United Buddy Bears

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One of the unexpected surprises during our recent visit to Israel was to come upon the “Unity Buddy Bears” exhibit located in the Safra Square in Jerusalem.  There are 133 fiberglass bear statues from countries all across the world to promote world unity and peace.  The bears were big (tall and wide) and beautiful (decorated/painted by world renowned artists), though I thought the U.S.’s Buddy Bear could have shown more imagination (it was painted green to look like the Statue of Liberty) most of the bears were exquisite.