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For this ADHD kid, “listening deeply” is not something that I take lightly.  I have to put all my focus and attention on to the person that is in front of me or I my “tuner” will be spread to the winds like dandelion blossoms on a stormy sunny night.  Some of the tools that have enabled me to focus better include mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects.  Here is a list of some of them that may be helpful for you:More...

1.)    A diet that is rich in protein, veggies, fruits and whole grains with no flour or sugar products.

2.)    At least thirty minutes of quiet time or mediation every day.

3.)    EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) therapy.

4.)    Holographic Repatterning.

5.)    Having a Coach to check in with about where you are and where you want to be

6.)    A community rich in spiritual studies and explorations (for instance, I am studying the Bahá’í Faith through the  Ruhi Institute of Learning study program);

7.)    Regular exercise (I jog, swim, practice yoga and am just tip toeing back in to weight training).

8.)    No Caffeine (ooooh this is a tough one for me!!!)

These are just some of the things that I do so that I can “listen deeply” to people that I care about.  Of course I’m sure that you realize that the other 99.9% of this ability is willingness to focus!  Years ago I had a dear friend who helped me out during one of the worst periods of my life.  Bless his heart if he didn’t give me his full attention all the time yet, more often than not, when he was talking I was doing everything but listening to him.   I think that some of what goes on for me is that I am uber sensitive to everything that is going on around me and so, from a very young age, I figured out ways to distract myself so that I would not become overwhelmed.  Today my life’s work calls for me to listen and pay attention to everyone that I come in contact.  I believe that in order for me to be able to show up and focus it is my responsibility to care for myself so that I can be there fully.

How do you “listen” to those around you and by reading this blog, are there ways that you are willing to to take care of yourself so that you can listen more deeply?

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