Policing the Police

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This article is not what you think it’s about.  Although I could write several articles concerning my opinion about the police force of our nation, the “Police” I’m referring to in this article are “The Police” of Andy Summers, Stewart Copeland, and Sting fame.  Leave it to us Baby Boomers to have to figure out how to do the aging rocker thing with dignity.  Somehow, I feel it must be easier to age if you play jazz or the blues but rock is just a whole ‘nother world un to itself.  I am proud to say that many of my friends who went to see the Rolling Stones when they performed here in Austin last year, were thrilled with the show that they were treated to and many commented how truly “fit” Mick looked strutting about the stage in all his glory and splendor.

Listening Deeply

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For this ADHD kid, “listening deeply” is not something that I take lightly.  I have to put all my focus and attention on to the person that is in front of me or I my “tuner” will be spread to the winds like dandelion blossoms on a stormy sunny night.  Some of the tools that have enabled me to focus better include mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects.  Here is a list of some of them that may be helpful for you:More...

On Second Thought…

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NPR Morning Edition recently interviewed Bono, the lead singer of U2, about his guest editing of special issue of Vanity Fair referred to as the “African issue”.  I love what Bono had to say regarding his guest editing stint and how he came about doing this issue:

“As annoying as I know can be going on and on about the ridiculous issues of huge obstacles in the way of everyday Africans, those Africans, particularly middle class, find it very difficult that we consistently portray them as a sort of basket case. And when we do, we fail them. And we do have to do better at getting this across. And I went to Graydon Carter and – because his magazine –“ – Bono

Let the “Sun” Shine

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Several years ago, a good friend of mine gave me some tapes to listen to of Patricia Sun noted philosopher, spiritualist, confident and otherwise amazing being.  Her words stuck in my mind over the years and every once in awhile, fall out of my subconscious into my consciousness to remind me that all is well and everything is going according to plan.